• Connecticut Parents Groups Added To Southern Poverty Law Center HateMap, Labeled Extremists

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    The far left group Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently added parental rights groups to its infamous HateMap, now designating them as Extremist Groups.

    Two Connecticut parents rights groups made the list, including Connecticut Parents Involved in Education, which is part of US Parents Involved in Education, and the Fairfield County Chapter of Moms for Liberty.

    Both groups were cited as "antigovernment" and part of the far right movement.

    Source: SPLC

    While a profile doesn't appear to exist yet for US Parents Involved In Education, SPLC has added a profile for Moms for Liberty to its database of Extremist Groups.

    The lengthy profile for Moms alleges the group "engages in anti-student inclusion activities" and is part of the modern parental rights movement, as if it's a bad thing for parents to want involvement in their children's education.

    SPLC also sleights the Moms for opposition to unscientific and oppressive COVID-19 regulations, divisive school curriculum (e.g., racist ideas espoused by critical race theory, the fake science of radical gender ideology), and sexually-explicit library books, some of which have been likened to pornography.

    The SPLC highlights a number of Tweets made by Moms as hate speech, for example:

    "Gender dysphoria is a mental health disorder that is being normalized by predators across the USA. California kids are at extreme risk from predatory adults. Now they want to ‘liberate’ children all over the country. Does a double mastectomy on a preteen sound like progress?"
    — Tweet from Moms for Liberty on July 25, 2022, tweet regarding

    "My line in the sand is calling a singular human “they/them.” Go ahead and call me mean names. I can take it."
    — Retweeted by main Moms for Liberty account; Tweet by Tina Descovich (Moms for Liberty Cofounder) regarding pronouns in the workplace.

    "I raise my children. The government does not. We do not co-parent with the government. And there are certain sensitive subjects that we would like to be directing the conversation around for our children…"

    — Tiffany Justice in C-SPAN2 About Books interview

    The SPLC cautions that the Moms are "spreading like Hellfire" with a membership that rapidly grew to 110,000 members across 250 chapters in 42 states in just two years. Probably because reasonable parents want to be involved in their children's education, protect them from inappropriate and divisive content and stop the over-sexualization of children, especially in school.

    The scathing review of Moms also cites alleged "attacks" on the LGBTQ community. These "attacks" include refusing to use preferred pronouns, not wanting to normalize transgenderism to school children, and opposing both child mutilation surgeries and biological boys in girls restrooms.

    The Moms are even called out for "dangerous liaisons" with prominent critics of the progressive agenda that has thoroughly infected education in this country, including James Lindsay for spreading "groomer rhetoric" and sharing accurate theories regarding the ways that Marxists indoctrinate children, and Christopher Rufo for attacking the racist ideals espoused by critical race theory that teach children they are either part of the "oppressed" class or they are the "oppressors".

    If that's not enough, SPLC accuses the Moms of being allies with a number antigovernment groups, White nationalists, election deniers, participants in January 6th events, and even the group Gays Against Groomers, which has been vocal about protecting the morality of children.

    Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) came out in defense of the Moms, saying “Let me say Moms for Liberty, they are phenomenal women—they are moms who are standing up for their kids.”

    He went on to highlight how Virginia “flipped red because moms stood up and they were ticked off at the left-wing takeover of their schools, they were ticked off at the woke ideology…. And what has the Southern Poverty Law Center said? Moms, they’re defending their kids, are a hate group.”

    No wonder groups like the Connecticut chapter of Parents Involved In Education view their new SPLC hate designation instead as a "badge of honor" for having the courage to stand up for the protection of children.

    There is no more noble cause than that!

    P.S.  Parents who have girls at Greenwich Academy would be wise to start paying closer attention to the fact that the school uses SPLC’s DEI curriculum throughout all grades.  That means parents are spending as much as $50,400 per year to have their children learn to hate the SPLC way.  Conservative GA parents might want to challenge the school’s use of this controversial curriculum, especially since parents have just been labeled extremists by the SPLC.

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    Amy Williams

    The only thing to Fear, is Fear itself!
    Go Moms!!!!
    Do not let them scare you- they are bullies-keep standing up to the bullies!👏

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