• Darien BOE Communications Survey Reveals Broader Community Frustrations with Administration

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    On June 2nd, Darien Superintendent Dr. Addley released the results of the BOE Communications Survey as part of his weekly Superintendent Communication email. 

    Please click here for the full community survey and click here for the staff survey results.

    While this survey was intended to gauge community and staff views on communications efforts by the Administration and the Board of Education, the ~174 community responses from the final open-ended question revealed broader frustrations with the Administration, particularly around lack of transparency and inappropriate content in schools. 

    Key takeaways from the surveys included:

    • Community responses focused on frustrations with the Administration were the most popular, representing 23% of all open ended submissions
    • Criticism around embedding links to PDF files in the weekly Superintendent Communication was the second most cited community feedback, representing 12% of all open ended submissions
    • 40% of the surveyed staff either disagreed or strongly disagreed that the "District provides opportunities for staff to engage with the Administration"
    • 31% of the surveyed staff either disagreed or strongly disagreed that the "District respects and values dissenting opinions"

    The entrance of a new parents group in town, Darien Parents, is probably welcome in light of the detailed comments on the survey.

    Here is a sample of the comments:

    "Stop the pornography in our schools and let's choose an Administration that's aligned with our town's values"

    "This administration is pushing a politicized agenda that is not aligned with the prevailing values of this town and our family. Those in charge are catering to trends that promote their careers and ego over the value and quality of our children's education."

    "We need a complete overhaul of this administration... We also need to get rid of all the pornographic material in our school libraries. Let's also stop devoting so much time to SEL and RULER and get back to the basics of our core subjects."

    "The district needs to be more transparent on how they are quietly introducing controversial subjects, all in the name of "DEI", that many parents are opposed to. Please spend more time on academics and less time on SEL and DEI. Please give parents a voice in our children's education."

    "I believe the administration is deliberately secretive and not open about the inclusion of sexually explicit material in school libraries."

    "Your communication skills are not the problem. Too much woke ideology for me and my family values."

    "Why are students able to access books in school that have sex acts in them but no book with a mention of God is allowed in?"


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