• Connecticut Takes Third Place In Study Ranking States That Pay Most In Taxes Over A Lifetime

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    A new study from Self Financial ranks states by how much people will pay in taxes over their lifetime.

    The average American is expected to shell out $524,625 in taxes throughout their lifetime which represents about a third (34.7%) of all estimated lifetime earnings going toward taxes.

    Lifetime taxes in Connecticut are much higher than average, however, and consume a larger portion of lifetime earnings. Connecticut residents pay an average of $855,307 in lifetime taxes, which is $330,682 higher than average. This represents about half of lifetime earnings (49.4%) for Connecticut residents.

    Only residents of New Jersey and Washington, D.C., pay more in taxes over their lifetime than Connecticut residents are expected to pay.

    Alaska, Delaware and Louisiana reported the lowest taxes as a percent of lifetime earnings.

    You can read the full study and see data on all 50 states here.

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