• The Connecticut Bar Association's Political Attack On American Liberty

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    By Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh

    On April 5, 2024 the Connecticut Bar Association, CBA, published a political attack against President Trump, CBA Condemns Former President Trump's Personal Attacks Against Judicial Officials.

    Screenshot, CBA

    Not only does CBA's condemnation politically target Trump, a legitimate candidate for president, but the CBA blatantly threatens to violate the constitutions. In fact, these lawless individuals have been illegally 'waging war' against constitutionally protected rights of Connecticut's law-abiding men and women, for many years.

    Today, its members have targeted and blacklisted Trump supporters, patriots, constitutionalists, and others, and have denied them equal access to the law. Too many members of this 501(c)6 federal non profit have used their corporate trade affiliation and its employment within our court and education system, to inflict irreparable financial, mental, and physical harm upon the men, women, and children residing in Connecticut.

    Under the color of law and in violation of the law, the CBA has set up an elite, judicial racketeering system of unobtainable justice, and the organization's membership is actively discriminating against conservatives. CBA members are essentially corporate employed pirates who have violated the public's trust and who refuse to provide constitutionally compliant, fair, and politically unbiased, legal services to the people in the State of Connecticut.

    The CBA has essentially planted the strangling vines of communism at our feet, and in their condemnation of Trump and the first and second amendments, has threatened to cut out our tongues and gouge out our eyes. In this condemnation, they are blatantly interfering with the 2024 election, after disenfranchising voters in 2020!

    501(c)(6) organizations are prohibited from engaging in political activity, or attempts to influence an election of a candidate. Clearly the CBA's dangerously biased political agenda makes it unsuitable to function legitimately in Connecticut's publicly funded courts and schools.

    In response to this organization's political rhetoric, the people have an obligation to condemn the CBA's inflammatory words that threaten free speech, and place this organization on Notice, "That Warring Against the constitutions matters. That Warring against the constitutions, has consequences."

    CBA members have coordinated against the people's trust and have improperly usurped their constitutional constraints by facilitating the closing of the courts in violation of Connecticut's Constitution. In the name of global communism and healthcare fraud, this organization changed the most basic and fair of election laws and administrative procedures, and criminally violated the most basic human rights - those protected by the constitutions and God - to accomplish the U.N.'s global communist goal of eliminating U.S. sovereignty.

    The individuals who decided to circumvent the people and committed tortfeasor actions in coordinating the state's response to the World Economic Forum's 'Plandemic' participated in widespread election fraud in 2020, but did not act in their official capacity. They betrayed the people and attacked the constitutions in a premeditated conspiracy against rights, as coordinated by Avril Hanes, Bill and Melinda Gates, and many other global corporate sponsors during John Hopkins University's notorious EVENT201, in New York City, in October of 2019.

    The CBA wittingly or not, joined forces with Chinese Communist Party operatives who coordinated the COVID Testing and Case Fraud schemes. The Connecticut Judicial Branch had no jurisdiction to follow the dictates of foreign global communist adversaries to the United States, or a governor whose family, friends, and Attorney General work with the CCP, the UN, WEF and WHO, to implement the global communist Agenda 2030, to dissolve our constitutions, enslave Connecticut residents under foreign law, and subvert all proper election and legal processes.

    The CBA orchestrated the closing of the courts, unconstitutionally, while racketeering millions in 'hush money' to its members on the backs of a censored, sick, abused, defenseless, and constitution-less public. CBA officers have a clear political motive in wanting all of us, including Trump, to be censored, silenced, disarmed, financially ruined, or behind bars, for merely speaking of their dishonest and corrupt attorneys and judges, or for exposing the COVID crimes against humanity they facilitated, criminally and immorally, and in violation of our laws.

    This group's members have worked hard to build a constitution-less state and have severely violated their 'special duty' to protect and preserve the constitutions, while actively and publically engaging in election interference and operating in violation of federal tax and election law. The CBA is solely responsible for the animus displayed by the public. The entire system has been corrupted by this organization in Connecticut and that is what has created widespread public hostility - not Trump - as the CBA claims.

    This organization should not be involved in Connecticut's corporate justice system and legal action should be taken against them for the crimes they have committed. All attorneys and judges who participated in closed courts in the name of COVID Testing and Case fraud, in collusion with unelected foreign government communist systems, have betrayed their oaths. They should return the huge amounts of fraud money they helped racketeer, and pay fines to fund a lawful system of justice to regain the public trust, make restitutions, and to re established strict adherence to moral, ethical, and constitutional constraints.

    Clearly, we are not shareholders in CBA's politically biased games, nor are we beneficiaries of their racketeering and election interference activities. In their political attack on President Trump and his supporters, the CBA claims that they are "public servants" and "the backbone of our nation's judicial branch". An interesting take since lawful justices and lawyers would say that the constitutions are the backbone of our nation's judicial branch, not a group of charlatans who have usurped the constitutions.

    CBA members fileted our laws and tossed the backbones of justice in the sewers of treason when they abolished constitutional courts and sheriffs. They sealed their 'deal with the devil' when they closed the courts in Connecticut at the behest of global corporatists and communists waging war against American liberty, transparency, fair elections, and our constitutions.

    Trump has never inspired physical violence with his political words. The CBA has no substantive reason to make such a false claim so this fear monger condemnation must be necessary to manipulate voters. It is a hateful attack on Trump and his supporters who are peaceful, law abiding people. It is disenfranchisement.

    Donald Trump

    While innocent Americans have been defamed and detained unconstitutionally in a D.C. gulog for years, with due process stripped from them, and tortured, this organization wishes to criminalize words that serve to expose injustice with amazing truth and accuracy - not violence. The CBA condemns Trump and attacks the constitutions and the people's rights by threatening, "Words matter. Words have consequences." meaning to say, 'Opinions Matter. Opinions have consequences.'

    The leadership does not like Trump or his righteous opinion on judicial corruption, nor do they abide by the constitutions. CBA members routinely participate in unconstitutional lawfare and the abject denial of due process, while padding their wallets, and covering-up judicial racketeering.

    A perfect example is the case in Connecticut Superior Court, the Law Offices of Yona Gregory v Lori Hopkins Cavanagh and Shoreviews, LLC, my eyewitness account of unconstitutional lawfare, harassing a defendant, mail fraud, identity theft, illegally closed courts, and judicial racketeering, among other offenses.

    It is the politically corrupt individuals within this organization who have destroyed the backbone of our nation's and Connecticut's judicial branch, the constitutions, and have masked their corruption in illicit meetings, off-the-record, behind-closed-doors, using the Edison System to store their crimes in a vault of deception, while hiding files and evidence from the court's view.

    CBA members have lawlessly and systematically stripped everyone's basic right to an 'opinion' and 'calling a spade a spade' seems reason enough for this unAmerican organization to advocate the abolition of our First, Second and Fifth Amendment protections.

    This politically biased organization has sweeping controls over the 'words' in our bills and laws, and the quality and integrity of the judiciary in Connecticut, yet their members do not obey the law. They shut down Connecticut's Courts, fraudulently and unconstitutionally, and have placed a Marxist boot on the throats of the people, while aiming to disarm the public in a final act of tyranny.

    There is ample evidence that the CBA's agenda is 'mostly' political, and the organization should have its 501(c)6 status revoked. Mr. Trump has every right to use the terms 'evil', 'crooked', and 'sick' regarding judges and prosecutors mishandling his cases, abusing the law, profiting insanely from the corruption, destroying lives, and interfering in our elections.

    Most Americans agree with Trump, however, the CBA staunchly defends their colleagues' treasonous and unconstitutional misuse of commerce laws, and violations of due process. As a staunchly pro-life person, I do not believe in violence, and I know no one who does, except those threatening voters and committing crimes against the people.

    CBA's fearmongering and defamation of Trump supporters is especially dangerous, politically motivated, and reckless. There is zero evidence that Trump supporters are violent and cherry picking statistically irrelevant and inapplicable criminal attacks against judicial officers to place blame where it does not belong - is dishonest. Just the opposite is true. Trump supporters are peaceful protesters and are victims, not perpetrators.

    The CBA's disingenuous and divisive political rhetoric and targeting of a significant number of Connecticut voters, is outrageous. Prosecutorial lawlessness is on display and Americans are not buying it.

    Globalists from both parties have forced us to endure this worn out, coordinated, treasonous political interference for far too long, but the use of Trump to suggest that his supporters are in any manner 'dangerous' is election interference and subjects all Trump supporters to violence, retaliation and discrimination. The CBA has placed a bounty on the backs of political free speech and Trump supporters.

    The CBA conspired against the constitutions and the rights of the people and closed the courts based upon fabricated health emergency statistics, in coordination with Avril Hanes and her friends in the [Chinese Communist] CDC, among others. The courts participated in this fraud and treason by claiming jurisdiction they did not have, stripping our constitutions, interfering with the 2020 election, and harming the majority of men, women, children and small businesses in the state.

    The goal of this plandemic was to facilitate a foreign government system's take-over of our country's commerce, laws and elections. The CBA traded allegiance to the constitutions for allegiance to the United Nations Global Communist Government System - and they do not belong in Connecticut's courts or schools.

    Evil is in the eye of the beholder. Will the Connecticut Bar have our eyes removed as well as our tongues silenced? Guilt, greed, and loss of control is what feeds their fear. May peace be upon us all and may American justice be restored, strengthened and sustained, for free people, for generations to come.

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