• Covid Vaccines Can Make You Go Bald

    July 10, 2022

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    This week alone, we heard three different accounts of people who developed alopecia, an autoimmune condition, after getting a covid shot.  

    particularly sad story came from a friend whose neighbor vaccinated her teenage son. His hair has been falling out in clumps since being vaccinated.  He developed bald spots all over his head, along with thinning patches of hair.  His head is 95% bald, and now he’s losing his eyebrows and eyelashes, along with all of the confidence he had since so many people stare at him in shock at his hairless appearance.

    Can you imagine the guilt his mother must feel for doing this to her son?  She thought she was doing the right thing by getting her son vaccinated, but instead she has to accept responsibility for directly harming her child.

    He’s not he only child in Connecticut going bald thanks to the vaccine.  We found another report about an 11-year-old boy going bald, too.

    Unfortunately, CDC’s VAERS reveals 3,136 cases of alopecia post-vaccination.  So far only 65 cases have been reported in children under the age of 18.  Surprisingly, 77% of alopecia cases were see in girls, like this 14-year-old girl in New Jersey who has been coping with hair loss after the first shot.  Her parents are “not sure what to do” about whether to get the second shot after reading so many reports of post-vaccination alopecia on VAERS. We read about another pro-vaxx mother whose 13-year-old daughter has been losing large amounts of hair since her second Pfizer shot.  Now the mother admits, "after what my daughter has been through and continues to go through, we are concerned about giving her future doses of the vaccine since this seemed to develop shortly after the vaccine. Before this, our daughter was in great health.”

    We also read about a 6-year-old boy who started losing his hair about three-weeks after his second shot.  

    Can you imagine starting to go bald at age 6?

    Good thing Pfizer has an alopecia drug, right? 

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    Phil Inman

    Loss of hair for a child. Can't help but think the parents ought to be thankful for the gentle warning. For many it has been so much worse. And I'm a nutcase if I believe the talk about mass formation psychosis? Ha! Real nutcases wonder whether to continue with poison dosing to their already damaged Child.


    Exactly!!! These parents are F-ing brainwashed into 100% damaging their kids ! Just wait until a celebrity kid drops Dead- then, maybe then more Sheep will wake the Hell up !!!!


    celebs are already sacrificing their kids on the altar of gender fadphoria just to stay relevant and get gigs


    Exactly! Some of these idiot parents talk as if they are still contemplating giving their children more poison after seeing the side effects first hand. They would be charged with child abuse in any other situation.

    Over IT


    heart attack, blood clots, dementia? Eh, it happens

    hair loss? Nooooooooooooooooooo!


    I personally Know 12 Dead, 8 Heart Attacks, 12 miscarriages, 5 strokes, one blind 19 year old of this Injecticide!!!


    Let the stupid people get their jabs......after they die we get their shit.....should get rid of most libturds......fuck em..great for the gene pool....I only feel sorry for the abused children getting the killer shots


    Parents are "concerned" about giving their children a second and third shot? Those parents are morons. They should have never given them the first shot in the first place! Yet, they seem to be considering giving their children more shots after the side effects they've seen in their own children? Do these idiot parents have any idea that the mortality rate in healthy children under 18 is non-existent? This is the type of parent you get when you dumb down public education in the US for 60+ years and counting.


    At some point people will have to come to terms that their government wants them dead. Unless they change their source of information that could take awhile. I would imagine many who read sites such as this one and have avoided the jabs, have already been called to their face "Oh, You're One of Those". We should probably get T-Shirts but it might appear to be gloating to the jabbed with buyers remorse.

    Roger Grant

    Get the Jab. Not getting it is neanderthal.
    Remember all that? It still goes one.

    Less than a week ago the local station was playing a state paid ad about the vax available for children. The had this vid of this adorable little baby who can now be safe, now that the vax is here.
    This is the only country approving these jabs for babies.


    They want all the kids to look like from the movie; The Goonies. It's bad enough many are showing signs of grey hair or are bald long before they are in their 40's.


    Can you imagine how guilty these parents feel? I imagine they feel none. I suspect they are tickled pink when something happens to their kid after a shot, like "parents" that try to trans their kids. Only an evil person would give their kids these shots after all the information and studies available and coming out daily.

    Tommy Two Toes

    It's not just the jab that causes hair loss. COVID itself does it too. I was hospitalized with COVID. I have never and will never take the gene altering jab. Two months later I started losing hair by the handfuls. A hair stylist suggested I eat a gummy she gave me that promotes healthy hair and nails. The hair loss stopped in 5 days. It has been 4 months now and all thinning of my hair is GONE!

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