• CT Democrat Socialists Of America Holding Training On "Salting" - Taking A Job With The Intention Of Unionizing The Workplace

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    The Connecticut DSA has organized a training session for members the evening of June 29th on "SALTING" - the practice of taking a job at a workplace with the intention of unionizing it.

    The CT DSA Labor Working Group is holding this Salting Information Session, and also encouraging workers to take jobs in "strategic industries" so they can organize and build more worker power.

    The training session will be covering the basics of salting and union organizing, why socialists should salt, and how socialists are currently already salting in Connecticut.

    The CT DSA serves as the statewide chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America and includes branches and members from all across the state, including Hartford, Middletown, New Haven, Bridgeport, Danbury, Stamford, Norwalk, New London, New Milford and most of the surrounding towns.

    CT DSA believes that Connecticut is the "richest state in the world’s richest country" but that it's also one of the most unequal places in America. (This is not factually true, but it is their view nonetheless.)

    The organization believes the only way ordinary people can achieve freedom is by building an "organized, multiracial, working-class majority capable of confronting the ruling class and developing collective power in the workplace, the community, the state, and the environment"

    The core values of CT DSA include:

    • Economic Equality and Working-Class Power
    • Racial Justice
    • Gender / Sexual Liberation

    The organization has issue-specific working groups for International Affairs, Housing Justice, EcoSocialism, Medicare For All, Health Justice, Socialist Feminist, Electoral, and, of course, Labor.

    The group offers budding socialists and communists with an active calendar of events, including Socialist Night School, EcoSocialism, Reproductive Rights, and Canvassing, among other topics.

    Ultimately, CT DSA's goal is to dismantle capitalism.

    In order to do so, the group intends to organize people against intersecting forms of oppression they face in this capitalist state.

    Of course, the group also demands a radical redistribution of wealth, resources, and power.

    Take note, Connecticut employers, you never know when one of these comrades might be in your job applicant pool.

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    Remind these Socialist that Socialism is 0-41. Never has and never will!

    Peter Adamowich

    Connecticut is a failure that has already collapsed once under the weight of union contracts that bled the state dry. Yet the idiots in CT continue to vote in liars and thieves to keep the Democrat plantation running. It won't change for the better in Connecticut until people wake up and realize they have been abused by the grifters in power there. God help them.

    Last edited 10 months ago by Peter Adamowich
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