• CT Dems Fundraising Off Book Bans, Want Children To Have "fREADom" To Read Pornography In Libraries

    Source: CT Dems Logo and Twitter

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    The Chair of Connecticut Democrats, Nancy DiNardo, recently sent a fundraising email accusing the GOP of pushing extreme policies on the state, including so-called book bans.

    The Democrats are concerned that 58% of the towns in the state are run by Republicans who are probably making some headway in educating the community on what these so-called book bans are really about -- and that is keeping pornography and obscene content out of the hands of children not yet mature enough to see such things.

    Source: CT Dems email

    The images from the books that have been questioned cannot be shown on regular television or printed in newspapers because the content is too graphic. Parents who have taken pictures of these books into Board of Education meetings have been told the images are too offensive for the adults in the room to see, yet somehow the content is considered suitable for children.

    Connecticut Democrats apparently see nothing wrong with these sexually-explicit books either because they believe in fREADom — the freedom for children to read any book without question.

    Source: Twitter

    However, a voter perception survey of book banning in the US revealed that 34% of people believe that books about sexuality should be banned and/or have other measures in place to restrict access unless parental consent is first obtained.  Sort of like the way that young children cannot simply walk into an R-rated movie unless they have an adult to vouch for them.

    This is probably why the advice to progressives is to steer the book banning conversation away from sexually-explicit books, including those “inclusive” titles focused on LGBTQ youth (e.g., Gender Queer, This Book Is Gay), and instead talk about how conservatives want to ban classic books. 

    The book banning issue was also front and center in the most recent Connecticrats Podcast (Episode 27: Book Bans, A Budget & Bob).  The discussion focused on how it’s “insane” that “one particular party” is coming up with the idea to ban books, and how Democrats need nip this in the bud.  Book banning was likened to a "narrative of hate” that is “spreading like a virus” in this country.  The guests also suggested that book bans are about “oppressing certain groups of people."

    One guest actually said, “I doubt these people [conservatives] have even read the books” and suggested that the books are just about loving and accepting people.  

    Really?  That’s what the books in question are about?  

    Let’s take a closer look at photos from 12 controversial books currently on the shelves in Greenwich — either at the high school library or the public library.

    Do you think these books are about “loving and accepting” people?

    Do you think that requiring parental consent to check out books like this is really promoting a “narrative of hate”?

    Do you think that restricting access to these books oppresses certain groups of people?

    We’d love to hear your thoughts on this controversial issue!

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