• CT Education Association (CEA) Lines Up With NEA In Support Of Controversial GLSEN Resources

    Source: CEA Website

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    In case you had any doubt about whether the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) supported the same radical curriculum from GLSEN that the National Education Association (NEA) supports, have no fear. The CEA is in complete alignment with the NEA.

    Source: CEA Website

    Note that the bullet point highlighted in pink (These resources can help educators support and include LGBTQ+ students in their classrooms) takes you straight to GLSEN's Educator Resources page, the exact same page that the NEA references.

    The Connecticut Centinal previously reviewed GLSEN's Educator resources, and found they contained radical gender ideology, pornographic books, and much more. One document even recommended the use of puberty blockers, drugs which are used to chemically-castrate sex offenders. Other documents recommended hiding student gender from parents, and backing biological boys playing in biological girls' sports so long as the boy identifies as a girl.

    Screenshot, What Are Pronouns?

    If you know any teachers in Connecticut who belong to the CEA, why not ask them if they support this radical programming? Why not check with your children's teachers to find out if they support the kind of left-wing political activism that is being promoted by the national affiliate? Are all union members really comfortable with this agenda?

    Perhaps also let educators know that they CAN leave the union in August.

    In fact, in 2018, the Supreme Court ruled in Janus v. AFSCME that public employees could not be required to pay dues or fees to a union as a condition of employment because it could require them to subsidize political speech with which they do not agree.

    Educators, if you disagree with the radical direction the CEA and NEA have taken, it's time to send the union a message, and vote with your wallets!

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