• CT Governor Ned Lamont Says Favorite Super Bowl Ad Was Pfizer's "Let's Outdo Cancer"

    February 13, 2024
    Governor Ned Lamont

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    It probably isn't a surprise that Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont's favorite Super Bowl ad came from Pfizer, especially after Lamont mandated experimental covid shots for scores of Connecticut workers, boasted about how Pfizer's Groton, CT, location contributed research for the development of covid shots, and has made a public display out of getting jabbed.

    Pfizer's Superbowl ad featured images of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and Copernicus, and suggested that Pfizer belongs among these thought leaders. The word "science' is flashed on the screen while "Don't Stop Me Now" by Queen is playing in the background, probably causing Freddie Mercury to roll over in his grave, especially given the cause of his death. "Here's to the next fight" appears on the screen before revealing that the fight is cancer.

    Just last month The Connecticut Centinal published an article about how Big Pharma products make people "sicker and more burdened with side effects and complications… which in turn include aggressive, novel, stage 4 deadly “Turbo Cancers” that do not respond to traditional treatments."

    The article talked about how Big Pharma is "coming to the rescue" for a common side effect of covid shots, namely turbo cancer, and how the industry is set to make trillions from mRNA-based gene therapy “vaccines” for the expected tsunami of turbo cancers in 2025. 

    Toward that end Pfizer just completed its $43 billion acquisition of Seagen, a global biotechnology company that discovers, develops and commercializes transformative cancer medicines.

    That means Pfizer will be able to better capitalize on the turbo cancer crisis that the company had a direct role in helping to create thanks to its experimental covid shots.

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    Em Ardee

    Um, anyone who loves pfizer needs their head examined, the ruined the entire world with their poisons!

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