• BIG PHARMA mRNA Profits Fund WEF/WHO Global Tyranny

    January 23, 2024

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    Listen to the Inside Pharma interview above.

    Big Pharma is swimming in windfall profits with the global governments paying Pfizer, Moderna J&J, and Astra Zeneca to produce the experimental mRNA COVID injections… that in turn are causes of new and aggressive diseases that Big Pharma provides more of their high profit drugs to treat symptoms by every body part… that in turn make us all sicker and more burdened with side effects and complications… which in turn include aggressive, novel, stage 4 deadly “Turbo Cancers” that do not respond to traditional treatments.  VOILA! Big Pharma to the “rescue” yet again… set to make trillions in profits this time from mRNA-based gene therapy “vaccines” for the tsunami of turbo cancers expected to rise dramatically again in 2025.  Johnson & Johnson announced plans to shell out $2 billion to acquire the drug developer “Ambrx Biopharma” to treat Turbo Cancers with same unproven technology as Pfizer is launching with its $43 billion Seagen acquisition. Both expect to once again bring in windfall profits to provide “treatments” for diseases their own experimental COVID injections caused in the first place. Canadian oncologist and researcher discussed these plans, and the dangers, in more detail here: https://makismd.substack.com/p/johnson-and-johnson-to-acquire-2

    Today’s Inside Pharma Whistleblower Report experts discuss the dangers of the mRNA technology and the flagrant and illegal use of taxpayer funds in the U.K. to build these manufacturing facilities in the middle of small residential neighborhoods without any preliminary study of the human and wildlife health hazards and environmental risks of bringing in these biological materials without any regulatory oversight. The British government, Big Pharma, and WEF working together using taxpayer money and Big Pharma profits appear determined by any means possible to get mRNA and foreign DNA into human beings and all animals – domestic pets, food animals, and wildlife.

    Published with permission from Dr Vliet at TruthForHealth.org.

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