• CT Is Transing Children And Lying To Parents About It

    And what parents can do right now to protect them.

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    In reaction to an Executive Order by then Governor Malloy, the Connecticut State Department of Education issued GUIDANCE and FAQs to Connecticut superintendents suggesting that schools accept a self-diagnosis by any minor child of gender dysphoria and then assist the child to implement a psycho social gender treatment plan (social transitioning) and repeatedly LIE to parents about it.

    Schools and state agencies are now adopting these optional plans and parents need to take action.

    The stakes are very high and the “science” is not settled. A recent study indicates that 94% of children who begin a psycho-social transition plan will identify as transgender 5 years later. Social transitioning – the adoption of stereotypical traits from the opposite sex, using “change rooms” at school, reversing pronouns, etc. – sets children on an almost irreversible pathway to experimental use of puberty blockers, artificial hormones and more, becoming life-long customers of pharmaceutical companies and put at risk of sterilization, surgical removal of healthy body parts, bone fragility, obesity, heart problems and worse.

    There are methodological and bias problems with this report, as noted by its authors. Nevertheless, choosing to adopt a social transition is not a neutral action because alternatively, a traditional “watchful waiting” approach has a remarkable 80 – 90% rate of gender dysphoric children accepting their natural sex after puberty. This data has also been criticized but nevertheless, shows that parents must NEVER be shut out of this very important decision for their children. 94% likelihood of identifying as transgender with all of the mental and permanent health difficulties that come with it, or 80-90% chance of return to acceptance of natural sex? This is not an insignificant decision. The science is not settled, so why don’t we let parents parent and require consent before the government implements a social gender transition.

    Please know that your elected school board is not obligated to adopt the Connecticut Department of Education’s ridiculous and extremist guidance. In fact, it is in their best interest to resist... A California school board recently paid $100,000 to a family after implementing a social transition plan without parental consent.

    Our current Attorney General has filed briefs arguing that parents should be deceived in order to prioritize a transient child-teacher relationship. The CT Department of Education, which reports directly to Governor Lamont, provides guidance to transition children and hide it from parents. Local school boards are implementing plans to socially transition students without parental consent and even against their expressed wishes. Local activists insist that it is necessary to “force group acceptance” of secret gender transitions. The current Governor appears out to lunch on these issues... Connecticut families are under attack and we need to take action.

    To that end, I recommend this article which contains a few short-term and quick actions parents can take to protect their children. TALK to your children and provide them with information about gender/sex. “Be the expert” so when it is brought up, even in KINDERGARTEN, your child will know they can trust you and will have received a bit of an “inoculation” against gender indoctrination. Tell your local school board that “YES THEY WILL” notify you of attempted gender transition and Opt Out of invasive surveys right away.

    TALK TO YOUR LEGISLATORS AND THE GOVERNOR IN-PERSON AT THEIR EVENTS. According to a recent study, 75% of parents believe parental consent should be required. Legislators will be hosting many coffee hours and other meet-and-greets over the next few months. Ask them to take a position on parental consent before implementing a gender change by the government (including schools). Bring a copy of the Connecticut State Department of Education’s FAQs created in response to Ex-Governor Malloy’s 2017 Executive Order and demand that parents give informed consent before a child is transed in school.

    Stay tuned for more information and sign our petition against Attorney General Tong. Also, don’t forget to join us at our 15th annual “Standing in the Gap” fundraising banquet this October 13, 2023 in Stamford, CT. We need you there!

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