• CT State Senator Bob Duff Calls Trump A "Scaredy Little Weakling", A "Traitor" And An "Insurrectionist"

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    Connecticut State Senator for Norwalk and part of Darien, Bob Duff, is talking smack about Donald Trump, calling him a "scaredy little weakling who wouldn't go to Capital Hill himself" on the anniversary of J6.

    He even goes so far as to call Trump a "traitor" and an "insurrectionist loser in Chief" for his alleged role in J6 riots that appear to have actually been started by feds embedded in the crowd, not at all the narrative being spoon-fed by the mainstream media.

    As if that's not enough, Duff goes onto suggest that Trump supporters were a murderous group that came to "hang Mike Pence. And Nancy Pelosi." and had other violent activities, including killing people, planned in advance.

    The truth is that Trump told folks to go home and "remain peaceful" and called for, "No violence!"

    Plus, the government's own footage doesn't exactly show an insurrection was started by MAGA patriots, either.

    Not that it matters to Duff.

    He doesn't care about the facts because they're not conducive to the false Democrat narrative that J6 was the worst insurrection our country has ever seen.

    So instead, the Democrats, including Duff, continue to take delight in the arrest and prosecution of anyone caught up in J6 to this very day, despite all of the new evidence that's come to light about what really happened on that fateful day.

    Source: X

    Duff says, "Never forget what happened on #January6th Each and every one who planned, was present or helped to almost take down American Democracy should be in jail"—yes, the perpetrators should be in jail—the real ones, including the feds who were involved.

    Of course, propaganda and lies are nothing new for Duff, a covid vaccine zealot who always seems to be freaking out about MAGA, which he's called "the biggest bunch of cry babies, snowflakes and whiners out there" and even says they are "unserious people not interested in helping Americans."

    As far as the Orange Man, Duff says he's "a weak and ineffective loser" and coward from the "fascist" state of Florida who plans on installing a "military dictatorship" should he win in 2024.

    Oh yeah, Duff has also suggested that Trump's campaign rhetoric is not unlike Hitler's words.

    All that screaming about Trump sure makes you wonder what Duff is so scared about, doesn't it?

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    Oh my...just looked up Bob Duff. What a p@nsy.


    Yes, its obvious that we think the same thing of him and his type so its time to square off and put the debate to rest- the old fashioned way.


    Whoever said that pantywaist can not be turdheads as well ?


    I hear the same nasty rhetoric from the few Leftists I am around. Do they not realize that this is just driving the wedge between us ever deeper? It will not be Conservatives that kick off CWII, it will be the vile spew from the Left that will.


    What else would you expect from a Blue State programmed WOKE??????? Hate Hate Hate!!!!!!

    Mad Celt

    Who listens to this guy? Until I saw the story I'd never heard of him.


    Who? Little a_ _hole.

    Alej Marcos

    Another Yankee POS emotes.


    Bob Duffy.trying his best to be someone. N this case he proven nothing except he an idiot, wanking wussy.

    Dano S.

    What is Duff, 8 years old or something? Get the idiots out of any office and elect someone with at least some maturity.

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