• Talking About J6 At Thanksgiving Was Entirely Different This Year

    November 24, 2023

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    What a difference a year makes!

    Last year at Thanksgiving, talk about J6 being a “fed-surrection” resulted in people rolling their eyes and muttering “you’re a crazy conspiracy theorist.”

    But not this year!

    The tone was entirely different.  

    This year, family and friends looked to the conspiracy theorist at the table to help them understand what the release of the J6 footage really meant, why the truth had been suppressed for so long, and what else is still being hidden.

    Nearly two years after that fateful day, most people now think that the government had some role in provoking the Capitol riot.

    Even a Rasmussen poll from earlier this year (April 19, 2023), found that 65% of respondents believed Feds had provoked the riot.

    Indeed, according to ZeroHedge, video clips "seem to show Capitol police firing rubber bullets, tear gas grenades and stun grenades into crowds of peaceful protesters on J6 before anyone tried to enter the Capitol building, possibly triggering the violence that would follow (and creating the footage that was played ad nauseam on major news networks as proof of insurrection).” And there's even footage of an officer shoving a peaceful protestor down the stairs.

    That's not all, either.

    The recently released footage by Speaker Mike Johnson seems to confirm other so-called "conspiracy theories" about J6, too.

    It turns out that footage shows protestors, including Matthew Perna, peacefully walking through the Capitol, seemingly being allowed to proceed by Capitol police.

    Matthew Perna (red sweatshirt).

    Unfortunately, Perna pled guilty to initial charges for his role in J6, naively thinking he would get 6-12 months in prison.  After he pled guilty, the Department of Justice indicated it would seek a terrorism enhancement to his sentencing, raising the potential penalty to 9 years in federal prison. But four days after receiving news about the terrorism enhancement, Perna committed suicide.

    This story took on new meaning for folks who are just now realizing that the J6 narrative they have been spoon-fed by the mainstream media for years has been full of lies.

    Other recently-released J6 footage shows three photographers chasing behind a Capitol police officer in order to get the perfect “action” shot, an officer politely holding the door open for people to leave, and police seemingly facilitating the “insurrection".  Another clip shows a Capitol police officer shaking hands and patting a couple protestors on the back.  

    Family and friends agreed this was not exactly scary stuff!

    One of the more alarming pieces of footage reveals a Capitol police officer as he uncuffs a protestor and then the protestor fist bumps another officer after he’s released from the cuffs (below).

    Perhaps even more alarming is the footage that appears to show a person wearing an earpiece who is forcing people into the Capitol building.

    Later in the clip, one of the people who was pushed into the Capitol says "Stop. Stop. No. No. You pushed us in. You were pushing us in."

    That sounds worthy of further investigation, doesn't it?


    This was probably the first time that many folks actually heard so much truth about J6.

    You could tell it was a difficult pill to swallow, and a lot of information for people to process.

    Probably because if the conspiracy theorists were right about J6, one might naturally wonder what else they're right about... and there sure are a lot of interesting and hotly contested conspiracy theories out there right now, aren't there?

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    Paul A

    Let the truth be told. It’s a disgrace what our government is putting our country through for votes. God Bless America.

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