• CT Trans Student Places Third In State Track Championships, After Taking Second Place Last Week At Shoreline

    The trans athlete is not competitive against other male athletes, but against females, well...

    Screenshot, Old Saybrook Track & Field Team

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    Transgender athlete from Old Saybrook High School, Rose McNaughton, is raising eyebrows once again.

    McNaughton, who was born a male, throws shot put for the Old Saybrook High School Girls Track & Field team, and keeps on winning against biological girls.

    At the Shoreline Conference Outdoor Track Championship 2024 last week, McNaughton landed in second place, effectively taking the opportunity away from a biological girl.

    Shoreline Conference Outdoor Track Championship 2024 Results (5/22/24)
    Screenshot, MileSplitCT

    It was pointed out by Greg Scott from the Center for AZ Policy that McNaughton's winning toss in last week's Championship, "with a shot that is only 4 kg, compared to the male's which is 7.26 kg ... isn't even mediocre."

    "He isn't remotely competitive against other males. He doesn't belong at states. End the madness," pleaded Scott.

    Nonetheless, McNaughton went on to compete in Girls Shot Put (Flight 1) at the Connecticut State Championships today, May 29th, placing third and robbing yet another biological girl of an opportunity to stand on the winners podium.

    Screenshot, Athletic Live

    The ability to transfer energy into force explosively is key to success in an event like shot put, and there are definite differences in athletic performance by sex.

    Scientific research shows that the athletic performance gap between males and females becomes significant at puberty and often amounts to 10–50% depending on the sport. The athletic performance gap is even more pronounced in sports that rely on muscle mass and explosive strength, particularly in the upper body, so sports like shot put.

    Furthermore, the muscular advantage enjoyed from being a biological male is "only minimally reduced when testosterone is suppressed," according to the research.

    There's a clear difference in stature between 6'3" McNaughton and the biological girls who compete in the sport. To think that doesn't impart an advantage to McNaughton is outrageous.

    But that doesn't seem to matter to the folks who manage the state champtionships, the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC).

    Nor does it matter to Old Saybrook Public Schools, which reaffirmed its commitment to transgender athletes after the Centinal first exposed how McNaughton's presence on the team made biological girls feel uncomfortable.

    Suffice it to say, the biological girls still feel uncomfortable with a large biological male competing on a girls team.

    And even more people are upset that McNaughton has taken additional opportunities away from biological girls.

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    Verus Super Omnia

    Well, I'm sorry that those girls feel uncomfortable, but "facts don't care about your feelings," and it is incredibly unlikely that this person's presence made them actually unsafe.

    Also, if this person is far lower in skill than the men's league, doesn't it make sense that she might compete in a division for those who will not throw as far, especially if she is also a girl?

    Boys Should Be Boys

    So if men suck at being men, then it's okay for them to pretend they are women according to you???

    With twisted thinking like that, it's no wonder America is so messed up!!

    Verus Super Omnia

    Also, if you really care about women's safety, maybe you shouldn't post a minor's name and approximate location online and then call her an evil robber and a threat to other women.

    Boys Should Be Boys

    The school, athletic league and local papers all use the athlete's name and don't take the extra step to blur out Rose's face... so what's the problem? Would it be better to hide the fact that a giant dude thinks he's a girl and makes real biological girls feel uncomfortable when he stares at them while changing?

    Clearly you are some kind of groomer or perhaps have already been groomed yourself.

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