• Presence Of Trans Athlete On CT High School Girls Track & Field Team Prompts Questions To District About Discrimination

    Screenshot, Old Saybrook High School

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    The Old Saybrook High School Track and Field team has been in the spotlight ever since an article published last month in a local newspaper started circulating on the internet.

    The article featured a picture of the girls track and field team, which revealed the presence of a transgender student on the team.

    The Old Saybrook "Girls" Track & Field Team; Photo Credit: Head Coach Pete Capezzone (via Zip06)

    Word quickly spread about the issues that had existed inside the girls locker room as a result.

    Girls who identify as "biological girls" and who were born female felt unsafe with the presence of an athlete who was born a male inside the same locker room, especially considering the size differential. 

    The biological girls were forced to huddle in a corner of the locker room so they could change clothes with at least a modicum of privacy, hoping to remain out of view of the student who was born a biological boy.

    Biological girls in this situation often experience psychological issues, feelings of embarrassment, and even feel fearful about joining a team in the first place, especially knowing that a biological boy may be watching them change in the locker room.

    Bottom line, the biological girls no longer felt safe in their own space.

    The Centinal reached out to the district in order to understand if the situation is still happening, what accommodations have been offered to the biological girls who should be entitled to the exact same privileges extended to other students, including ensuring they have their own safe space where their needs, as biological girls, can be fully affirmed and met. The biological girls should not be forced into an environment that feels unfriendly or hostile, nor should they be discriminated against for wanting, as a protected class themselves, to have their own safe space.

    We have not heard back yet from the Superintendent, but will provide an update if we do.

    However, the Board Policy that addresses this particular issue - the 500 Series Non-Discrimination - specifically includes "gender identity or expression" as a protected class, along with other protected classes based on attributes like race, color, age, sex, religion, and so forth.

    The policy prohibits discrimination or harassment in educational programs or activities, including athletics, against any protected class. That includes transgender students. It should also, in theory, include biological female students as a protected class, too.

    Students are expected to be respectful of the rights of all members of the school community, which puts the biological girls in a bit of an awkward situation. Would it be considered disrespectful to complain about a student who was born a male but now chooses to use the girls locker room?

    The district policy further describes a "hostile environment" at school as "when the harassment is sufficiently severe, pervasive, or persistent so as to interfere with or limit a student’s ability to participate
    in or benefit from the services, activities, or opportunities offered by the District."

    In the case of the biological female athletes, it seems their ability to benefit from a safe space where their status as "biological girls" can be affirmed had been hindered. The district is required to promote a school environment that is welcoming and safe for all individuals, according to its own policy. The biological girls should never have been forced to hide in the corner just to feel safe in their own locker room.

    Even the Biden Administration has now backed away from its new Title IX sports rule that would have permitted biological males who identify as females to participate in women’s scholastic sports as long as they identify as female.

    But that's not the case in Connecticut where the Department of Education (CSDE) recently updated guidance for transgender students civil rights to ensure that transgender students can complete in athletics based on their chosen gender identity.

    Parents are obviously frustrated with the district's discriminatory policy, and want to ensure their daughters who are biological girls have a safe space and an environment, especially in the girls locker room and on the field, that is not hostile.

    One parent in the district pointed to the culture created by social emotional learning (SEL) and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programs as the source of these issues.  

    "Although SEL and DEI programs have positive intentions, in reality, they can create an environment where not all children feel safe, nurtured, and challenged.  Too often, girls are receiving the message that their feelings and safety do not matter," said the parent.

    "Parents deserve to be notified when their children will be in intimate settings with the opposite sex and when girls will be competing against boys. All parents should remain vigilant and engaged during these times, especially during an election year," cautioned the parent who is hoping to see a reduced emphasis on divisive DEI programs, especially after this year's election.

    Even though parents agree that educators in the district are well meaning and genuinely care about student success, educators' hands are often tied due to state laws and CSDE guidance.

    It should be noted that Old Saybrook School District lists Equity as the number one part of its mission, and promises that all students will be respected and represented throughout the district. That policy should extend equally to all students in all protected classes, and that includes biological girls.

    Screenshot, Old Saybrook Public Schools.

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    It is a sad person that writes an article about a small local HS such as this. Whilst not mentioning names the author is putting uncalled for attention in a group of children who deserve to go unmolested. However, a biological adult decided to write this story. While I might agree that transgender athletes create an unleveled playing field there is no excuse to write this article other than click bait and calling unnecessary attention to children.


    I thought the "biological" adult who wrote this article did a very fair job of explaining the issues faced by real girls when a biological male enters their space.

    These girls need to feel safe!

    Is anyone standing up to protect the real girls? Coaches? School admin? Parents?

    At least the press put sunlight on the situation.


    L P

    I go to this school and everyone feels safe with Rose and she is as much of a real girl as anyone one else. It’s not her fault you're an asshole with no life

    Only Two Genders

    oh my, how strong the DEI indoctrination is with you!

    science on this is pretty simple. if you were born a MALE you can literally NEVER EVER be a female. try as many gruesome experimental procedures as you want, if you were born MALE you will always be MALE.

    L P

    Omg get a life did I say female? No because gender isn’t the same thing as sex maybe take bio class

    Only Two Genders

    If your biology class is teaching you that gender and sex are different, then you are getting an indoctrination, not an education. Sad to see a whole generation of kids like you who don't know this basic biological reality.

    L P

    I highly recommend doing quick google search where u will find that sex is biological attributes and Gender refers to the socially constructed ideologies we have made

    r j

    It will be hard for you to unlearn the lies you have been taught, especially using google.

    But if you were born with balls, you'll always be a male no matter what hormones you take or what surgeries you do.

    If you were born with a uterus and vagina, you'll always be a female no matter what hormones you take or what surgeries you do.

    L P

    What about females born without a uterus but still have XX chromosomes what are they?

    Checking Fact Checkers

    Those are females who unfortunately developed Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome. This condition causes the vagina and uterus to be underdeveloped or absent. Often, the first noticeable sign of MRKH syndrome is that menstruation does not begin by age 16. MRKH syndrome affects approximately 1 in 4,500 female newborns and has absolutely nothing to do with gender.


    To “Checking Fact Checkers”: VERY WELL STATED!!! Thank you.

    Greenwich Rats Suck

    You're dumber than a 5th grader.



    Greenwich Rats Suck

    Calling a student a moron- very cool, very normal. IMA need you to STFU.


    Maybe the real asshole is the parent who allowed this delusion to take hold? Maybe the parent should take a moment to read the WPATH files?
    Maybe the parent should read the new research that shows most kids grow out of gender dysphoria?
    Maybe the biggest asshole of them all is the BIG PHARMA industry that preys on these poor confused kids?

    L P

    Grow out? This isn’t new most trans kids I know have felt the same way for their whole life? And what about trans adults clearly they didn’t grow out of it. And yeah, big pharmacies are assholes but maybe if our government had actual regulations like many other countries people wouldn’t be screwed over

    Only Two Genders

    You should read more about the latest research from reliable sources, as you clearly are being misled and I feel sorry for you.

    New long-term study from The Netherlands finds the desire to be the opposite sex in adolescence is common, temporary, and declines with age




    Matt Boland

    Well, here's another who was apparently born next to a nuclear power plant, LOL. Honestly, I feel sorry for you. Your teachers have lied to you your entire life, yet you unquestionably believe them. Try thinking for yourself for a change; you just might find that it works better.


    I agree , Greg.


    What's the purpose of your comment other than to keep adults from speaking up for the kids who don't have the power or experience to fight for their own rights? If adults aren't allowed to speak up for children who are threatened then who is going to do it?

    L P

    Dude get a life no one at OSHS has a problem with Rose the only person who clearly do are the grown adults with no life and no real connection to the school. Shouldn’t you be more concerned about actual threats like gun violence and the restrictions on women’s rights.

    G H M

    You do realize that people are terrified to speak out against these weird trans sports situations because they fear getting cancelled by the many woke leftists in Commie-necticut.

    It's not fair to real biological girls on other teams that have to face off against a 6-foot-tall dude who has obvious biological advantages, either.

    You sound so brainwashed. I feel sorry for you that you don't want to stand up for real women's rights.

    L P

    There are 6 feet tall people everywhere and everyone is built different that gives them advantages for certain activities. The only way to truly equal the playing field is if everyone was exactly the same


    Let me guess: You’re A DEMOCRAT!!!
    Pull your head outofyourass BEFORE you find yourself living in a communist country. We are well into a socialist society now….


    L P. You want to talk about GUN VIOLENCE? Ok. How many guns have you, personally, ever WITNESSED getting up, going after someone and shooting them all by themselves? GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE: PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!!! That involves mental illness again. Our government’s stance on “SOFT ON CRIME” and not INCARCERATING CRIMINALS, the “Defund the Police Movement”, our OPEN BORDER POLICIES ALLOWING UNVETTED IMMIGRANTS ACCESS TO OUR COUNTRY, and the list goes on and on. WAKE UP!!!

    Stop the nonsense

    And to add to your comment, look at the last 7 mass shooters and their connection to the transgender community. These trans kids today need to get help, this transgender nonsense should be listed as a mental illness and should be treated as such. Allowing children to make such life changing decisions is ridiculous and irresponsible. These parents need to grow a pair.
    One thing to remember, chromosomes don't lie..

    Deplorable since 2016

    The trans shooter in Nashville wrote a manifesto . In it, hesheittheythem stated she was killing the christian kids because they are normal God fearing. She is the devil and her trans therapy and meds enhanced those feelings. Doesn't fit the lib elite narrative but violence in the trans community is amongst the community, not from the outside inward.

    Paul A

    They need to go unmolested from this trans agenda. Propelling this agenda forward on children is the main source of children being manipulated and brings unnecessary attention to these children without this article having ever being written. It’s an adult fetish that molests these children of their normal confusion and the right for a family to take on this challenging time in a child’s life. Adults creepy intervention makes it worse. You can not Dr. Frankenstein your way through science.


    COMMIECRAT Paul Arvoy?? didnt you LOSE your election as a DEMONRAT last march you commie sicko????? maybe we should be taking a closer look at PAUL ARVOY

    Paul A

    Maybe you should!

    L P

    As someone who goes to this school and knows Rose and is on the track team with her i know no one who is uncomfortable around her and I find the author of this article disgusting and clearly trying to compensate for something, since he knows he will never be a fraction of the person Rose is. I to the author i truly hole hearty wish you nothing in the world but the worst.

    M J

    Stockholm syndrome describes the psychological condition of a victim who identifies with and empathizes with their abuser.

    Real woman should always resist when men try to take over their spaces and take their rights away. Having a male on your team sets women's rights back, not forward. Sad you can't see this.

    L P

    The only people taking our rights are politicians not a high school student and there is plenty of room in our space for more people. The only people who are setting back rights for woman including trans is people like you

    C S

    you actually think it's fair to girls from other schools who have to compete against a big guy who has a clear size advantage because you are so brainwashed that you think being a trans kid is normal?

    you also think it's okay for you to discriminate against real girls in favor of a boy whose mother is clearly messed up and trying to be all trendy by having a trans kid?

    i feel really sorry for you when reality catches up. you got indoctrinated big time.


    if you dont like the freedom to chose for youeself then go back to commieland where everyone tells you what to do you commie bastard


    What makes you think that people are comfortable around mentally unstable people???


    have fun injecting bleach into your blood you sicko!!!! the 5g has ROTTEN your BRAIN maybe you should go to china if you love communism so much


    Trans people are sick freaks trying to prey on the opposite sex. THEY NEED MENTAL HELP, and until they get it, WE NEED TO PROTECT OUR INNOCENT CITIZENS, ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!!!


    I go to school here and they just towers over everyone and I’m not in the same crowd but whenever I see them in the hall it makes me uncomfortable I can’t imagine what my friends on the track team must feel having to undress in front of them.


    No you don’t.


    Brotha test me.


    if you dont like it maybe you should move!!!!!! go back to commieland harriet move and being your communist feelings with you!!


    LP, I admire your defense of your friend and standing up for your principles but please stop responding here. This website makes money on clicks and views and would love to become famous on this. No one here cares about actual children or they would be outraged that this blog post reveals the name of an actual child instead of keeping the name out of it like they did for the anonymous “parent” they quote (who may not even be a parent of a child on the team). Plus the writing is terrible.

    Bob S.

    thats where you are wrong. people here care deeply about children. especially children who are being intentionally misled and taken advantage of like this trans child who is being sold a pack of lies about gender affirming care by his mom and doctors and whole community. the bravest thing to do here is to stand up for the trans kid by teaching him the truth about how dangerous gender affirming care really is.

    Be A Man

    R*** M********- Old Saybrook High school is a man and shouldn’t be able to put woman in danger

    Boys Should Be Boys

    How can any of the real girls on the Old Saybrook team be proud of winning a track & field event when they clearly had an unfair advantage? Doesn't that just tarnish the reputation of the team? Don't the real girls feel guilty about having a dude on their team taking away opportunities from other REAL girls?

    This is a disgusting assault on women's sports!!!

    Matt Boland

    I'm thinking the school's answer to this will be, "well, the state lets us do it". Meanwhile, CIAC says "we defer to the school districts". Same old song and dance.

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