• Democrat State Senator Appears Double-Masked As CT Legislative Session Begins

    February 9, 2024

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    The 2024 Connecticut legislative season is in session, and to mark this momentous occasion, State Senator Julie Kushner (D) busted out a double-mask, taking us back to the good old days in 2021 when the CDC first introduced the idea of "double masking" for people who were not sufficiently scared of the outside world yet.

    Apparently, Senator Kushner still enjoys the false sense of safety and the moral superiority provided by wearing the double-mask rig in 2024.

    Screenshot, CTN via CT Senate Republicans

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    Paul A

    Instead of coming out in public to start a narrative, she should just stay at home. Better safe than displaying fearful pandering.

    Stolen Valorblumenthal

    What a 🤡. She also is a communist party award winner in CT and fought against her town as a political stunt.

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