• Why Is Greenwich Republican Selectman Refusing To Find Unity With Majority Of Republicans And Issuing Vicious Attacks On His Own RTC Members Instead?

    Greenwich RTC Chair Beth MacGillivray with First Selectman Fred Camillo.

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    Wow, it's game on!

    Freddie is BIG MAD about the RTC primaries.

    So are some (but not all) of the members of his inner circle.

    So mad that they orchestrated a very public take-down attempt of the current Republican Town Committee (RTC) leadership, with the help of the Greenwich Sentinel and the Greenwich Time.

    The Sentinel printed two articles in the last 24 hours on the topic, one focused on how Fred won't work with the RTC leadership even though they represent the majority of Republicans in Greenwich. The other by Jill Kelly, wife of former Board of Education member Joe Kelly, a republican who voted with democrats most of the time while he was seated on the Board. Jill actually didn't qualify to be included on the January ballot because she missed the minimum meeting requirement, but the RTC suspended the rule and let her run anyway.

    What is a bit odd, though, is that the same paper declined to come to Fred's rescue when bad press from the Kordick settlement negatively impacted his re-election campaign.

    The Sentinel attack was followed by a hit piece from the Greenwich Time, the biased Hearst-owned newspaper from which Camillo recruited his personal assistant. The author, democrat David Rafferty, resorts to childish bully tactics like calling the majority of Greenwich Republicans "losers" and "mouth-breathing MAGA drones." It's the only tool this MAGA-fearing democrat seems to have in his toolkit.

    Rafferty's op ed is likely to be followed by a weekend attack from Andy Blye and possibly even Alma Rutgers, who might come out on Sunday to bash the Patriots, a favorite target for her left-wing hate.

    Are these first shots fired simply to let the current RTC leadership know that Freddie is still "the man" when it comes to coordinating the mainstream media (aka "democrat", aka "uniparty") narrative in Greenwich?

    If so, that’s okay.

    Scores of Greenwich Republicans understand there is now competition for the local media, and that The Connecticut Centinal is not afraid to challenge those carefully-constructed, well-coordinated media narratives. The local press is so worried about the growing power of the Centinal that the Greenwich Free Press felt compelled to issue a "fact check", something most people easily recognize as a left-wing tactic for silencing critics.

    There are five RTC primary challenges.

    Three of those primaries (Districts 4, 5 and 9) were issued by current members who lost in the recent caucuses, and who are lovingly called "the Red Hats" by the local mainstream media for daring to stand up for Republican values.

    The challenges were issued by some of the hardest working Republicans in the entire RTC. The kind who worked at polling stations from dawn till dusk after weeks and weeks of door-knocking and phone calls. All three of those primaries are happening in districts where Fred's people, let's call them the Old Guard, won all of the seats in January, so the Red Hats have absolutely nothing to lose by challenging in those districts.

    In District 5, the Red Hats are guaranteed to pick up at least one seat because one of the winning candidates from the January caucus was disqualified for not being a Republican in good standing.

    Two of the primary challenges were issued by the Old Guard (Districts 2 and 8) in response to the Red Hat primary challenges, in a show of power by Fred and his puppet masters.

    We have it on good authority that a number of people were strong-armed by Fred into issuing those primary challenges because Fred is still feeling all sour grapes over the Old Guard's surprise loss to the Red Hats two years ago.

    Fred and his Old Guard faction were so upset about losing RTC control that they allegedly declined to help the Red Hat candidates for the State House race in 2022.

    Not only declined to help, but the Old Guard apparently campaigned against then State Rep Kimberly Fiorello (and other republicans) in order to force Republican losses. We know of at least one person who was allegedly door-knocked by someone from Ryan Fazio's campaign, and was literally told not to vote for Fiorello, presumably so the Old Guard could teach the Red Hats a lesson.

    How does it make Republicans feel knowing your own party worked against your candidates to ensure they would lose, all because of sour grapes? Where's the unity in that?

    The sad truth is that the Old Guard never seemed to want to work with the new majority, the Red Hats. They resented the Red Hats for what they viewed as essentially stealing control of the RTC right out from under them rather than for what it was—Republicans in town were fed up with the selection of democrats for certain roles, for the party not standing up for Republican principles, and let's not forget those covid era mandates.

    The Old Guard seems to have signaled that it may never forgive the Red Hats. So from day one, the Old Guard declined to find common ground with the new Red Hat majority and the "big tent" coalition they were building.

    All the Old Guard wanted was revenge.

    The Old Guard's dirty plan was to use 2022 midterm losses to justify kicking out the Red Hats from RTC leadership positions come caucus time in 2024.

    After the Greenwich Republican losses in 2022, a pattern which played out across the country, the Red Hats realized they were betrayed by fellow Republicans. Literally stabbed in the back by a bitter Old Guard intent on getting power back by any means necessary.

    The former RTC chair, Dan Quigley, ran to the Democrats and even the NYTimes for help, and in doing so, revealed his true party allegiance. He also formed an unholy alliance with James Waters, the proverbial tick on the elephant's back, and The Voting Moms, which is currently under SEEC investigation.

    When the 2023 election season got started, the Red Hats kicked into high gear, and campaigned as hard as they could for all of the candidates, including Old Guard candidates like Camillo and Lauren Rabin, to bring the party together. The Red Hats endorsed every single Old Guard candidate without question, even though they could have done otherwise. The Red Hats recognized the importance of coming together, and working as a unified team to win the election.

    Their hard work paid off, and the Republicans retained power across the board. The success was in large part due to the dedication and commitment of the Red Hats. Their tireless effort was highlighted in the media as the role model for other RTCs to follow.

    But Fred, and at least some of his puppet masters, appear to have been angry about the help from the Red Hats during the election. Why is that?

    They apparently think Fred could have won without help from the Red Hats.

    So instead of expressing gratitude for the wonderful campaign support provided by the RTC and scores of volunteers they energized to get out the vote, and rather than bringing unity to the party, Fred (and/or his masters) decided to undermine the very people who helped to usher in the Republican sweep in 2023.

    It leaves many reasonable people wondering... is Fred really aiming to build his power by trashing his own party in the media, and attacking the very Republicans who supported his re-election campaign? Is that what he's about now?

    Or is that just his puppet masters talking?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    Lewis T

    That last question is rhetorical? Unfortunately, this sounds very much like what happens on a national level. Rather than recognizing what the people want, the “old guard” prefers to hang on to their perceived power in their (ever shrinking) club. No matter that the “old guard’s” pettiness ultimately hurts their constituents. Greenwich Patriots, you are going to need a bigger broom.

    Grampa Moses

    It’s so cute when you losers start eating each other for breakfast. 🍳

    Lewis T

    And yet here you are, reading about it, and spending energy commenting at a site that promotes views you (apparently) disdain.


    Gotta love seeing that GOP unity!

    Lewis T

    Yes, we do tend to think for ourselves, unlike brethren on the other side of the aisle who vote in mindless conformity, regardless of whether it is in the best interest of their constituents and America. Winning!


    Overall, we rate the Connecticut Centinal as an extreme right-biased imposter website and Questionable based on the promotion of propaganda, conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, poor sourcing, and false claims.

    Bob S.

    Nate: You must be a democrat or uni-party/RINO?

    Either way, here'a a pro tip: the rest of the world knows fact checks are BS; the more unhinged the fact check, the more truthful the info being targeted.

    Bob S.

    It can be deduced that if you're sharing an unhinged fact check from a left-wing site, this article must hurt democrats, but since the article targets a republican & his handlers, it can also be deduced that the handlers must include dems, thereby proving the veracity of the article's claims.

    No Remorse

    What publication is that from? I’d like to check on how accurately they have fact-checked the 2020 election or vaccine effectiveness.

    Bob S.

    Media Bias considers the CDC to be "pro-science" and have very high credibility—the same CDC that has been telling people that deadly covid vaccines are actually "safe and effective". Media Bias even labels Wikipedia as one of the least biased sources out there.

    Source: https://connecticutcentinal.com/greenwich-dem-who-always-supports-the-current-thing-says-ct-centinal-is-for-barely-literate-maga-types/

    Checking Fact Checkers

    Same category as Connecticut Centinal on that fact check site:

    • Tucker Carlson
    • Vigilant News
    • Dan Bongino
    • Zero Hedge
    • American Thinker


    Lewis T

    “Extreme right wing” “conspiracy theories” “pseudoscience” - congrats, sounds like you’ve mastered the beginning course in junior talking points. If you’re so opposed to what’s published here, why don’t you hang out somewhere else, like Greenwich Time or another Hearst propaganda outlet? You’re not going to change any hearts and minds here. Run along and take your name calling to another playground.

    Paul A

    Only people with closed minds and no ability to think outside the narrative speak the way you have just propagated your lock step views.

    Last edited 4 months ago by Paul A

    You’re a bunch if losing losers who will keep losing bigly.

    Ms. MAGA

    Nope. Not losing bigly. Not letting them steal another election. Too many people know the truth about what really happened in 2020. No more rigged elections. Never again.

    TRUMP 2024

    Big Nick

    In April when the walls were closing in on the CMS project and it's heads (Tony Turner & Clare Kilgallen) were outed for colluding with the CMS PTA co-presidents (Dina Urso & Jen Behette), there was a steak dinner held at (now for sale) Joe Kelly's mansion in Mead Point. In attendance were Building Committee heads (James Waters/Tony Turner), some BoE reps & other (Dem & Republican) town officials, incl. Camillo. Perfect example of backroom dealing by a handful of individuals

    No Remorse

    Wait. Is Tony Turner affiliated with Turner Construction? I thought that was just a crazy coincidence.

    Source Please

    are you sure you've got the correct tony turner? didn't he work for some kind of financial tracking company? provide your evidence, please!


    Tony Turner (the correct one from Greenwich) apparently got fined $52,000 by the SEEC.

    The agreement statement filed by the SEEC states Turner violated the law by spending at least $76,000 from his candidate committee to benefit the five other Democrats running for the BET alongside him through “impermissible, in-kind contributions,” including campaign mailings and barbecues.


    CT Centinal Staff

    Please note that this comment about Mr. Turner being tied to the construction company that shares a similar name appears to be FALSE and has been removed from the site.

    While we are obviously proponents of FREE SPEECH at The Connecticut Centinal, spreading misinformation is unwelcome.

    Last edited 4 months ago by CT Centinal Staff
    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    Urso has done this for a long time. It’s not about what’s best for our children/community. Key decision making positions throughout town have been hijacked/weaponized against conservatives. Radical left orgs like Bipartisan Coalition,RTM Bldg Committees,LWV/Indivisibles/Greenwich Alliance,PTAC/PTAs,YWCA have access to our children and push in programming without BOE review. It’s a playbook to cultivate Dem towns & voters just like Cos Cob’s Ass. Principal Boland admitted before his raise.

    No Remorse

    Wow. I never thought Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin would stoop to public internal backbiting. They seem like such nice people. Why did Lauren run for RTC? Wouldn’t she, as a senior elected Republican, be able to participate in all the meetings without taking up a valuable RTC seat?

    Here's Why

    To take out her incumbent neighbors on the RTC.

    Stabbed In The Back

    I was one of the extremely hard-working RTC members who spent over 15 hours straight on my feet in New Lebanon parking lot on Election Day asking people to “Vote Row B”,as well as, countless hours door-knocking, postcard writing, making calls and putting up Banners and signs. I was 💯 in support of Fred, Lauren, Jackie, BET etc.
    I thought they were my friends and I had also volunteered time to support Fred and Ryan (and Kim) in previous elections. Then he lied to me and stabbed me in the back.

    Here's Why

    Same here from another RTC member. Their signs on my lawn on high-traffic street. Fred sticker on my lapel while door knocking and attending GHS events. Never said a bad thing about any of them and was happy when they won.

    Ryan is running against powerful Simmons machine and thinks he doesn't need support from regular Republicans?

    Just wondering.

    are we going to talk about the backroom deal for BET chair or any other dirty laundry?

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    Which dirty deal? Greenwich is controlled by backroom deals to push the Townie/Uniparty/ agenda. At least now it’s openly called the Bipartisan Coalition. Always the same hateful cast of characters, although Hillary Clinton Campaign & Communist Working Families Party Intern Emily Goodman of little innocent Two Voting Moms was a surprise. She played all the busy parents and helped Waters & Quigley orchestrate the RTM takeover. Let’s hope town charter change isn’t on their agenda

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    2021 new RTC ousted Chair Quigley (Dem in disguise), like Joe Kelly, Waters, Bernstein, Goodman, and Mercanti to name a few. Old Guard despised Fiorello, for standing up for true conservative values and inspiring everyday people to run for RTC. Camillo sold out Fiorello for Fazio. Dems sold out Trevor to seal the deal. Both Fiorello and Trevor lost by 51% . Uniparty also sold out R House Reps Sherr (lost 52% ) and Lopez (lost 58%) selected by the new RTC (led by McGillvary & Montanaro)

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    Sorry 2022 not 21 shenanigans

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    2021 backroom deal was for the Uniparty to vote through Mercanti and Camillo. The uniDem vote is what gave both of these Republicans higher votes. 2 weeks prior to the election and panicked LWV, PTAC, DTC and fake Republican RTC chair Quigley all signaled support of the same 4 candidates Stowe (D), Kostin (D), Mercanti (R), Kittle (R). They exposed themselves to make certain R Galletta, a GPS parent and Boys & Girls Club volunteer didn’t win. And then the recount registrar shenanigans.

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    2023-24 UniDem votes for Camillo in exchange for uniRep votes for a Dem controlled BET (led by WEF globalist Kalb to raise taxes and usher in 15 minute surveillance cities). But the new RTC (led by MacGillivray & Montanaro) got out the vote and maintained control of the Rep BET. Beaten at the poles Camillo and the Bipartisan Coalition (BPC) needed another backroom deal. BET Dems voted with R Fisher and R Fassuliotis to elect Fisher Chair. The trade was also key committee positions.

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    It’s critical to keep the old guard out so the new RTC can replace Fisher and Fassuliotis, who are now exposed as Uniparty/BPC. Should be interesting because Camillo will lose his base if the Fisher led BET raises the mill rate!

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    In comes the screaming parents too busy to stay up to speed on local decisions. Agenda driven PTAC/PTAs (that block conservative participation in leadership and decision making) send PTA emails absent important facts to mobilize parents to whine for more money despite a bloated 200M budget (about 1/2 the town budget). Jones every budget cycle goes after student programming like academics, arts, languages, advanced learning or gym to mobilize the loudest parents.

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    In come the DTC lies and newsletters to create the narrative that it’s the Republican BETs fault, when it’s actually the town and BOEs fault for not holding Jones accountable for trimming the fat from the non student related parts of the budget.


    As we all know Joe Kelly ran the building committee for the cardinal stadium. Yes, it turned out to be a debacle. Joe should never have a position like this again. However, I hear that the same construction company that built the stadium then build Joe Kelly’s pool. Hmm did the funds for the stadium pay for the Kelly’s pool too? 🤔
    This should be looked into.

    Something's up

    Also the 350K landscaping added at the last minute to the GHS vestibule project that Downey said would be located primarily at a rock outcropping in the front of the school. There are two rock outcropping, one of which is in front of Dempsey’s property. The Dempsey that just championed no electric leaf blowers in Greenwich during the summer!


    I didn't realize that Tony Turner got fined $52,000 by the SEEC according to CT INSIDER.

    The agreement statement filed by the SEEC states Turner violated the law by spending at least $76,000 from his candidate committee to benefit the five other Democrats running for the BET alongside him through “impermissible, in-kind contributions,” including campaign mailings and barbecues.



    Some of the endorsed elected officials took their grievances to the press this weekend and attacked the RTC leadership. Why?

    Because they believe sounding and governing like Democrats wins in Greenwich and they do not want the RTC to publicly advocate for Republican principles and policies because they believe that threatens their power and influence and reduces chances for them and their friends to win elections.

    Sound familiar?

    Fake Apology Not Accepted

    How many times will Camillo let Waters send out political communications using the town hall address? 2 or 3 times and counting! They are grooming Waters for 1st Selectman even after he had to publicly apologize to the entire RTM body for his poor behavior and social media attacks on RTM members, neighbors and community members. The article with his apology has been scrubbed. Hopefully someone has a copy and Waters is never elected First Selectman!

    Bipartisan (Uniparty)

    If everyday Dems don’t start paying attention and holding their elected officials accountable, like the conservatives are trying to do, we will not be able to preserve the charm of Greenwich living. The bad policies and agendas of political operatives will ruin what is special about Greenwich, as it becomes an urban dense extension of NYC.

    Paul A

    Greenwich, protect your town. Just under 10 miles north traveling I-95 is all the proof you need to see what’s coming for your American, conservative way of life. Politicians can’t help themselves to pander for self interests and votes. Do not be led astray.

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