• Derby Alderman Gino DiGiovanni Charged For His Role In January 6th 'Fedsurrection'

    August 16, 2023

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    Derby Alderman and Republican mayoral candidate Gino DiGiovanni was arraigned in federal court on Tuesday, August 15th, for his role in the J6 'Fedsurrection'.

    He faces four misdemeanor charges from the U.S. Attorney's Office in the District of Columbia in connection with the events on January 6th, which included peacefully walking through the U.S. Capitol building in order to find a way out of the massive crowds.

    He surrendered on Tuesday morning and was released on his own recognizance. His case will ultimately be heard in Washington, D.C., though he is not allowed to travel there unless he is scheduled to appear in court.

    DiGiovanni is a well-respected businessman with a long history of volunteering in Derby. He and his company have donated time and resources to construct and maintain a September 11th memorial located on the Derby Green. He has been known to help stranded motorists, and even helped a local family erect a memorial to their late son in a town park.

    But once he was outed as a J6 participant, he started to receive death threats.

    Unfortunately, the judge denied DiGiovanni’s request on Tuesday for security, and further ordered that he transfer any weapons in his Derby home either to police or someone who can lawfully take them by Friday, August 18th.

    DiGiovanni had been preparing for the Derby Republican primary on September 12th, where he is meant to face off against three-term Mayor Richard Dziekan.

    Dziekan commented that the indictment “demonstrates that our justice system works” and said he wouldn’t be surprised to see DiGiovanni end his campaign in order to focus on his defense for federal court, which would be an obvious relief for Dziekan.

    DiGiovanni maintains that he did nothing wrong, saying, “I think the evidence that will be presented will show that I am innocent, so I still stand by that.” 

    The Connecticut Democrats responded to the indictment by slamming Derby Republicans for "shunning" their sitting mayor and endorsing a "proud" J6'er instead.

    Of course the CT Dems got beat up in the comments, especially for being hypocritical about election denialism and the fact that this was a 'fedsurrection' not an insurrection. One commenter predicted that this might help DiGiovanni win the primary and even the race for Mayor.

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    Wataru M

    Another terrorist to be convicted ! Bye Gino !


    Oy Vey

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