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    It’s getting closer to the start of the school year in Connecticut, and that means time to remind parents about opt-out rights.

    First of all, you can opt your children out of all surveys, which is a right under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment.  Here is the opt-out form.  You can copy and paste the language into an email to your school and/or submit a written, signed letter.

    Parents have the right to exempt their children from specific portions of the Health Education Curriculum. Here is the opt-out form for Greenwich, along with guidance on HIV/AIDS Education (grades 2, 5, 8 & 10), Sexual Health Education (grades 5, 6, 8, 9 & 12) and Sexual Abuse and Assault Awareness Education (grades 1, 4, 8, & 11).

    You can also opt your children out of physical examinations or medical treatment based on the religious beliefs of your family.  Here is the opt-out form.  You can copy and paste the language into an email to your school and/or submit a written, signed letter.

    Greenwich Public Schools has also made a “Notice of Network Access by Students Non-Participation Form” available on its website to allow parents four different options to opt out of network access, including:   

    • If you do not want your child to utilize school network services (such as using software, creating and saving files, printing from network computers, or searching for and retrieving information via the internet);
    • If you do not wish to have your child utilize the school-established, protected and monitored email, Google Apps, and Schoology accounts with acceptance and compliance of student email, cloud services guidelines and acceptable use agreement;
    • If you do not wish to have your child publish documents and projects on the World Wide Web with limited identifying information as outlined in this Acceptable Use Agreement; and/or
    • If you do not wish to have a photo/video/name of your child posted on the district or school website with limited/no identifying information as outlined in this Acceptable Use Agreement.

    If you do decide opt your children out of anything at school, make sure you receive a response from the school that confirms your opt-out has been acknowledged.

    Keep in mind that opting out often isn’t enough, because parents who opted their children out of unscientific gender ideology in Greenwich Public Schools last year found their children were still being indoctrinated with the content anyway.  So make sure your children understand their rights, and know when to notify parents if their rights are being violated at school.

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