• Did Fed-Affiliated 'White Supremacist' Group Just Invade Greenwich To Help 'Hate Task Force' Agenda?

    April 27, 2024

    What to do if you want to install a 'hate task force' to get neighbors to inform on neighbors, in perfect Maoist form, but you don't have any hate to report, except against whites?

    Import 'white supremacists' of course!

    The recent attack on a teenage white girl in Greenwich was an extreme example of hate, but it didn't fit the preferred narrative.

    Today, the 'Nationalist Social Club' held a demonstration in Greenwich with Nazi characteristics.

    The Connecticut Centinal wrote about other activity apparently from this group last year.

    What's strange is that the group looks eerily similar to other 'white hate groups' that have mysteriously shown up around the country, many times in U-Haul trucks.

    The Gateway Pundit published information these groups are likely affiliated with the Federal government.

    And then there is this, only 4 miles away...

    Glow Bois

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    Pure Machiavellianism (or Maoism)! Create a crisis, import agitators on both sides, then impose Draconian laws. This is just another power grab by the alphabet (intelligence) agencies controlling the drugged up usurper in the white house,


    Wake up America!!

    Fed Up With Feds

    Hmm, young, fit, organized guys with matching uniforms, masks, and military-like chanting…seems like field training for new federal agent recruits. Intro to False Flags 101.


    Create a problem, offer a solution. 💯 coordinated to get approval for the Kalb/Camillo Anti-Hate Task force. Straight from the commie playbook. Just like the Eastern Racism oped to usher in a anti-hate GPS social media group and CRT/RULER. Same playbook in Rye/Westchester counties. Search key words to see coordinated events within weeks across US. 75% CT elected officials are commies, WEF goons. Also political operatives from Voting Moms or Open Society. Wake up people‼️

    Robert A. Porrazzo

    Get this to Greenwich resident and Newsmax host Carl Higbie...STAT!

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