• Doctors’ Silence On Transgenderism Is Violence

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    2021 Leading Causes of Death in the US

    695,547 Heart disease

    605, 213 Cancer

    416,893 COVID-19 (down to 36,057 in 1Q 20231 and plummeting)

    224,935 Accidents (unintentional injuries)

    162,890 Stroke (cerebrovascular diseases)

    142,342 Chronic lower respiratory diseases

    119,399  Alzheimer’s disease

    103,294  Diabetes

    56,585  Chronic liver disease and cirrhosis

    54,358  Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome, and nephrosis

    Given these health issues, the public seems to be transfixed on a different singular health issue at the moment: transgenderism.

    Dylan Mulvaney

    Bud Light’s transgender advertising

    Disney’s lawsuit with Governor Desantis over LGTBQ+ (particularly transgender) lessons in school

    Drag queen shows

    Transgenderism in women’s sports

    Online cancel culture

    School board disputes over sexual discussions in school

    Parents rights

    The list goes on. The participants in the spirited debate are politicians, non-medical corporations, athletes, celebrities, activists, and private citizens across the political spectrum.

    This is a medical issue. Where are the doctors?

    American Medical Association (AMA) – currently focused on climate change, abortion, gun control, critical race theory. Last public policy statement about transgenderism – June 15, 2021. “The AMA opposes the dangerous intrusion of government into the practice of medicine and the criminalization of health care decision-making,” said AMA Board Member Michael Suk, MD, JD, MPH, MBA. “Gender-affirming care is medically necessary, evidence-based care that improves the physical and mental health of transgender and gender-diverse people.”2

    Current high-quality research on AMA website concerning transgenderism - 0

    American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) – currently focused on climate change, doctor pay, abortion, gun control, critical race theory. Last public policy statement about transgenderism – June 2022. “ACEP believes that: Gender-affirming care is supported by evidence and by the medical community. TGD patients should have access to comprehensive gender-affirming health care that is provided in a safe and inclusive clinical setting.”3

    Current high-quality research on ACEP website concerning transgenderism – 0

    American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)– focused on climate change, equity, gun control. Last public policy statement about transgenderism – September 2018. “While the data is limited… AAP recommendations include: Providing youth with access to comprehensive gender-affirming and developmentally appropriate health care.”4

    Current high-quality research on AAP website concerning transgenderism – 0.

    Sweden has decades of experience with transgenderism and gender affirming treatments. In February 2022, the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW) reversed course and adopted the following new guidelines:

    Currently, the NBHW assert that the risks of hormonal treatments outweigh the benefits for most gender-dysphoric youth:

    Psychological and psychiatric care will become the first line of treatment for all gender dysphoric youth <18.

    Access to hormonal interventions for youth <18 will be tightly restricted.5

    AMA, AAP, ACEP acknowledgement and discussion on Swedish medical research on transgenderism/gender dysphoria – none

    AMA, AAP, ACEP statements on the issue of transgenderism that is tearing America apart and even leading to violence (Nashville murders by transgender activist) – none

    AMA, AAP, ACEP calls for research or at least public meta-analysis of existing transgender short-term and long-term data – none

    Will the real leaders in health care please stand up and take their job as health professionals seriously?

    John Hughes, MD

    Veteran of OIF/OEF

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