• Drag Queen Story Hour In Stamford Draws Peaceful Protestors

    Library Security, on the request of Stamford Pride, ejected several people from the story hour for allegedly making attendees feel "unsafe" after snapping pictures of the drag performers.

    Peaceful protestors gathered to pray in front of Stamford's Ferguson Library as Drag Queen Story Hour unfolded inside (6/15/24).

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    Ferguson Library in downtown Stamford hosted Drag Queen Story Hour today featuring three drag performers: Tiki Malone, Destiny Harmony "Whoreowitz" and Perry Winkle.

    Also on hand was Frankie Cyanide who read at Drag Story Hour at the Ferguson Library in 2023.

    Before the drag performers showed up, a group of peaceful protestors held banners asking passersby to "honk to protect our children" and prayed to God: "let NOT the little children be perverted by Drag Queen Story Hours."

    One member of the group started the traditional Catholic prayer, "Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus" then the group responded in unison, "Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

    Many passing cars honked in support of the group.

    Behind the peaceful group, though, Stamford Pride had erected a tent and had two tables full of sparkly, colorful "freebies" and baskets of attractive prizes for the rainbow-colored spin game that was clearly aimed at children.

    What child wouldn't be attracted by this colorful and fun display?

    Inside Ferguson Library, the staff created pride book displays in two different locations, the main hall and also in the children's room.

    The books in the children's room included a number of titles that normalize transgenderism, and teach young children they could have been born in the wrong body. There were multiple guides on "pronouns" and even the controversial book "Grandad's Pride" which features a homosexual couple in what appears to be bondage gear next to protestors fighting for "trans rights."

    The drag performers assembled inside a meeting room immediately at the front of the library to read to about three dozen young children, most of whom appeared to be under the ages of 5 or 6, along with their caretakers.

    The Centinal staff reporter at the library spoke to Tiki Malone, Perry Winkle and Frankie Cyanide before the story hour began.

    Both Malone, who has been doing drag for five years, and Winkle, who has been doing drag for three years, at first agreed to appear in a short video to answer a few softball questions to better understand why grown adults would want to dress in a way that mocks women and then read books that may actually confuse young children about their gender.

    Malone has done drag queen story hour before, but this was the first time for Winkle, who was admittedly excited to show the kids "different ways of expressing yourself" and loved "just being silly" in front of the children.

    Immediately after the brief interview, Frankie Cyanide asked the journalist for the name of the paper, to which the reporter responded "The Connecticut Centinal" before going outside to attempt to interview members from the religious group that had been peacefully protesting.

    After looking up the Centinal, Cyanide raced outside to ask the journalist not to post the video because the self-described "proud trans masc performer" with a pizza slice tattooed on her neck, Perry Winkle, had inadvertently revealed being employed as a youth program coordinator at a Connecticut YMCA.

    Cyanide didn't think it would be good for Winkle's employer to know about the drag story hour performance for some reason.

    Perry Winkle at the Ferguson Library in Stamford (6/15/24).

    Then Cyanide walked over to a handful of pride supporters and visited the Stamford Pride tent to warn them not to talk to the journalist. Cyanide falsely accused the journalist of publishing "misinformation" about the drag performers. Ironically, the only information published about the drag performers by the Centinal included screenshots from the performers own social media pages, along with factual details about today's event.

    When the journalist went inside the library to rejoin the story hour, a Stamford Pride rep got up and aggressively told the journalist not to film any children.

    The Stamford Pride rep then raced to the back of the room to stand next to the journalist for intimidation purposes. The Stamford Pride rep kept angrily telling the reporter not to take pictures of the children even though it was perfectly clear the reporter focused on the drag performers only. No children's faces were recorded whatsoever but that didn't stop the Stamford Pride rep from getting increasingly triggered and agitated.

    In fact, multiple members of Stamford Pride made sure the reporter felt unwelcome and uncomfortable.

    So much for this being an inclusive community!

    Meanwhile, other attendees filmed the entire event without disruption because they were apparently not as "threatening" as the journalist was.

    Stamford Pride Rep in blue shirt (6/15/24).

    First up, Tiki Malone read the book "Vlad, the Fabulous Vampire" which is about a vampire who doesn't fit in on account of his "rosy cheeks" so he hid his "pinkness" behind the same old boring outfit again and again. Vlad eventually contemplates coming out to his friend, who has a secret too. And Vlad is congratulated for his courage and reminded that he has a sort of "chosen family" where he feels safe, loved and free. The book concludes by telling children there is a "little bit of Vlad in all of us."

    Tiki Malone reading "Vlad, the Fabulous Vampire" (6/15/24).

    Next up, Destiny Harmony "Whoreowitz" read a book called "Not Quite Narwhal" which is about a young unicorn born in the ocean to a family of narwhals. The unicorn naturally thought he was a narwhal until one day when he got swept away by a strong current and ended up on land. While on land he discovered he was really a unicorn. But he missed his narwhal family, so he went back to the ocean. Then he missed the unicorns, and grew confused about whether he identified as a narwhal or a unicorn. Eventually he decided to be both.

    At that moment, the Centinal reporter snapped the below picture of Whoreowitz, who has a deep, obviously male-sounding voice.

    Destiny Harmony "Whoreowitz" reading "Not Quite Narwhal" at Ferguson Library (6/15/24).

    The next thing you know, the Stamford Pride lady completely freaked out, and told security that the mere presence of the journalist made them feel "uncomfortable" and argued that the library was supposed to be a "safe space" for everyone. Everyone except the journalist, that is.

    The Stamford Pride lady then falsely accused the journalist and a couple other library patrons of taking pictures of children attending the story hour. The journalist denied the allegations and offered to show the photos as proof, but it didn't matter to the security guard who ejected those "accused" anyway.

    Apparently, it's important for the Ferguson Library to make drag performers feel safe enough to read to small children in a public library paid for by taxpayer money.

    But it's not important for the Library to allow the press the freedom to report on the facts of an event taking place in a public, taxpayer-funded library.

    Why is that?

    Aren't the drag performers proud of what they are doing?

    Wasn't the library proud of hosting this event?

    Should we expect the library to schedule a book reading by some Chippendale dancers next?

    Or is it just drag performers who are allowed to read to small children?

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    No Remorse

    Thank you for your courage.

    A Concerned Citizen

    Seems to me this more of a fervent opinion piece than actual “news”


    you sound vaccinated


    What part is opinion and what part is fact? Can you tell the difference? Enlighten us!

    Gary Isbell

    Wow, a journalist that is actually objective about reporting news rather that spewing rainbow mob propaganda. You have courage, unlike those who celebrate their vices and call that courage. Kudos to you and the peaceful prayer warriors who rightfully oppose this insanity called drag.

    Proud Citizen

    It seems to me that the "journalist" and the protesters were the only ones causing anything negative at the event. Parents get to decide where they bring their children, and what books they want them exposed to. If you don't like it, don't bring your own kids. Proud of the performers and staff who were the only ones showing courage at this event.


    What part of evicting a member of the press from a public event at a publicly owned building so children can be indoctrinated in secret is courageous? If people are so proud of what they are teaching children why are they so afraid of it being exposed? Wouldn't people proud of what they are doing want it publicized? What are you all trying to hide?


    How can they just throw a member of the press out? Does the library have a copy of the US Constitution? Have any of them read it or are they only capable of reading children's books?

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