• Enfield Adopts New Flag Policy... No More Pride Flags On Town Buildings Or Flagpoles

    January 9, 2024

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    The town of Enfield, Connecticut, approved a resolution declaring that only the flags of the United States, the state of Connecticut, MIA/POW and U.S. military services could be displayed on town buildings and flagpoles.

    Enfield Mayor Ken Nelson clarified the policy, explaining that groups renting the town green or other town-owned facilities may display their flags, banners or emblems anywhere they like, except on the actual town buildings and flagpoles.

    Democrat Gina Cekala accused the Republican majority of enacting the "absolutely disgusting" policy just to keep the Pride flag off town hall.

    The amendment passed by a vote of 6-5, with one Republican, Doug Finger, defecting to join Democrats in opposition.

    In response to the resolution, the activist group PFLAG Enfield is calling on LGBTQ+ individuals, friends and allies to come together to demonstrate their solidarity, dressed in pride attire, at a rally at the next town council meeting on January 22, 2023, at 6:30 p.m.

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    Matt Boland

    More towns should be like Enfield. The only flags that should fly on town property are the US Flag, state flag, POW-MIA flag, and possibly a town flag. NO to any other ones.

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