• How Greenwich Republicans Convert Their Win Into A Loss

    January 9, 2024
    Source: BET Meeting via Zoom

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    The Greenwich Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET) elected a new chair yesterday, Republican Harry Fisher, in an 8-4 vote.

    Four Republicans were united behind a different Republican, Nisha Arora.

    Harry Fisher did not have support of the Republicans, but carried the vote with the support of all six Democrats.  The two dissenting Republican BET members broke ranks with their fellow Republicans, and essentially allowed Democrats to choose the BET Chair. 

    Do you think that's what the ~6,800 Republicans who came out to vote on November 7th actually wanted? For Republicans to stand divided after winning the chairmanship? And let Democrats pick the Chair?

    Now that Fisher has won thanks to the Democrat vote, how do you think the new and presumably now compromised Chair will return the favor? By supporting and funding the Democrats' wildest dreams—like woke policies, overspending, taking on debt, raising taxes, etc.? Perhaps doling out some special committee assignments? The BET might end up functioning just as if the Democrats had actually won in November.

    For instance, one of Fisher's first actions will be to assume the role of liaison for the Central Middle School (CMS) building committee, a role previously held by Nisha Arora who now has no committee assignments. Democrats have been gunning for Arora for some time now, so they must be doing a little victory dance after learning the news that Arora is out as liaison. The Dems wanted nothing more than to rid themselves of a strong, capable woman of color because she had the nerve to challenge the bloated CMS budget and to caution OG parents about asbestos remediation in Old Greenwich School.

    Rumors abound that a backroom deal, allegedly orchestrated by First Selectman Fred Camillo himself, promised specific committee roles, liaison roles, and general support for Democrat priorities if the Dems lined up behind Fisher.

    When confronted about the specifics of the alleged backroom deal by a fellow Republican, Fisher clammed up and said he knew nothing about it. Similarly, he denied knowing of any such deal when the Centinal reached out for a comment yesterday.

    But it seems highly unlikely that all six Democrats from the party of "diversity equity and inclusion" would organically settle on choosing Fisher, an older white male "townie" who was raked over the coals for posting a meme that liberals felt was racist, and indeed Fisher even noted in the post that he knew it wasn't PC.

    Screenshot from Facebook.

    Unfortunately, the backroom deal for the BET chairmanship should not be a surprise to anyone paying attention. The Old Guard Republicans are still intensely bitter after losing dozens of seats in the Republican Town Committee (RTC) caucuses in 2022. So bitter, that the same Old Guard is allegedly cozying up to the Democrat front group, The Voting Moms, and others, to help retake control of the RTC in Tuesday's caucuses.

    "It's an unholy alliance," said one Republican who is frustrated to see yet another member of the party go "squishy" and sell out to the uni-party after hashing a backroom deal.

    This is a textbook example of how Republicans lose after winning.

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    Anonymous CT Centinal Staff reporting on "rumors"--is this supposed to be journalism?


    Worst kept rumor in Greenwich!!

    Freedom For The Win

    Everyone knows that Freddie, Lauren and Ryan are working together behind the scenes to screw the right-wingers who stole the party out from under them. The only question is what exactly did he give up to the dems to get them to line up on the BET like that.


    There are no Conservatives in this town anymore - RINOs rule the roost. Very disgusting

    No Remorse

    I’m sure ol’ Harry is feeling very much the big fish now. How fast will he cave under the relentless and cunning pressure from his globalist banker colleagues?

    Concerned Parent

    Nisha Arora would have made a great leader for BET, but didn’t (to her credit) play the game by rubber stamping the Dem’s wishlist to win friends. She has had the courage to challenge overspending and oversized projects with research and critical thinking. She is one of the few saving Greenwich from spiralling into debt and ultimately insolvency.

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