• Facebook Likely Has A Safer Policy On Inappropriate Materials Than Your School Library

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    The folks on the Putnam Republican Town Committee (RTC) just can't seem to catch a break.

    Every time the RTC posts about the perfectly appropriate, award-winning children's books with delightful illustrations found in their school library, books that Democrats argue are "inclusive" and allow everyone to "be seen", they get censored.

    This is now the third time Facebook has censored the Putnam RTC's posts about school library books.

    This last time, though, the Putnam RTC shared the exact warning that Facebook provided from its rather ominous sounding "Transparency Center" on another social media site, X, formerly known as Twitter... which immediately slapped a "sensitive content warning" on the screen shots of Facebook's warning. They didn't even include pictures of the books, just the Facebook policy on adult nudity!

    Facebook's policy is to "restrict the display of nudity or sexual activity" because some people in their community might be sensitive to the content. *Some people.* In fact, Facebook actually defaults to removing sexual imagery in order to prevent the sharing of potentially non-consensual or underage content. It also has restrictions on the display sexual activity unless it's for "educational, humorous or satirical" purposes.

    Clearly, books like Gender Queer, Flamer, Let's Talk About Sex, and Welcome to Sex by ABC personality Yumi Stynes, all fail Facebook's strict Community Standards policy, and therefore end up getting censored.

    What are some of the activities Facebook excludes?

    Well, the presence of "by-products of sexual activity" like the image contained in the book Flamer which is at the heart of Putnam RTC's repeated Facebook bans.

    Facebook also restricts fetish content, implied sexual activity, and images of sex toys being placed in the mouth, as artfully depicted in the award-winning book Gender Queer, the kind of book that Democrats argue to keep in school libraries for "LGBTQ inclusion" purposes.

    Also prohibited by Facebook are images of actual or implied oral and anal sex, dealing another blow to books like Gender Queer.

    Don't you wish your school library adopted a policy on inappropriate materials as thoughtful as Facebook's policy? A policy which recognizes that sexual content like this might be sensitive to some people? Like children?

    If you think your school library or even your town library needs some "cleaning up", perhaps it's time to engage your school boards and/or library boards about leaving the controversial, Marxist-led American Library Association (ALA). A number of states have already announced their intentions to leave the ALA, including Montana, Wyoming, Texas, Idaho, Georgia and Mississippi.

    Plus, the new alternative to the ALA, the World Library Association, led by library watchdog Dan Kleinman, can help guide libraries on implementing good library policy.

    You can get in touch with the WLA through their website or you can drop them an email at [email protected].

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