• False Claims Made About Greenwich Patriots' Role In 2023 Municipal Election By Scott Kalb

    Kalb was appointed to the Greenwich Anti-Hate & Anti-Semitism Committee, leading some to wonder... isn't it hateful to publish deliberate lies about a community group in an op ed?

    Scott Kalb.

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    Gee, we really seem to have gotten under the skin of Greenwich democrat Scott Kalb.

    Kalb is a member of the town's finance board, the BET, and he was also appointed to the new Greenwich Thought Police Committee (aka the "anti-hate and anti-Semitism committee").

    He's also a World Economic Forum member who successfully pushed to bring $500,000 in ZuckBucks to the Greenwich Registrar's office.

    He definitely doesn't like Greenwich Patriots or the fact that we share truthful information that challenges his carefully constructed progressive narrative.

    He also really doesn't like the Connecticut Centinal, where we have a by-line, and has even shockingly asked the Greenwich police to monitor the "speech" in the Centinal because he seems to think that facts are hate speech.

    That's what makes this latest move by Kalb all the more ironic.

    He didn't tell the truth about Greenwich Patriots in an op ed he had printed in the Courier back on April 25, 2024.

    Screenshot, Courier.

    The op ed, The Far-Right Came for My Town, touched on the 2023 municipal election in Greenwich.

    Kalb wrote:

    And yet, last November, an extremist faction of the GOP known as the “Greenwich Patriots” submitted 100 hard-right candidates for election, in an effort to pack the local legislature and take control

    The problem is that Greenwich Patriots is not an "extremist faction of the GOP" and has zero ties to the GOP.

    Not only zero ties, but we have been explicitly blocked from joining our local Republican Town Committee in Greenwich. So to call us a faction of the GOP is just plain wrong and it's blatant misinformation.

    Furthermore, Kalb falsely alleged that Greenwich Patriots had "submitted 100 hard-right candidates" to run in the race for the Greenwich Representative Town Meeting (RTM).

    This is entirely untrue.

    Greenwich Patriots only role in the 2023 municipal election was as a community news service: we reported on BOTH sides of the local legislature fight to which Kalb refers in his op ed.

    To be perfectly clear, we had no role in collecting signatures for candidates.  We had no role in submitting petitions for candidates.  We had no role in evaluating or choosing candidates.  And lastly, we did not endorse any candidates, run any slates or attempt to pull a precinct strategy. Kalb is flat out wrong.

    Apparently the folks at the Courier aren't too big on fact checking such details, so we wrote to them to request an immediate correction to this obviously false information.

    The bigger question remains.

    Why would a member of the Greenwich Thought Police lie about Greenwich Patriots? Shouldn't people who are judging what is considered "hate speech" be held to a higher standard?

    Isn't it hateful to call Greenwich Patriots "extremists" when we are simply a group of conservatives that share a weekly newsletter?

    Isn't it hateful to lie about our role in the 2023 municipal election just to score points in an op ed?

    Hopefully, the Courier will do the right thing and immediately remove Kalb's false claims.

    But shame on Kalb, you'd think a member of the Thought Police would know better...

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    Greenwich Patriots

    Greenwich Patriots organized in 2021 to help protect medical freedom, to preserve parental rights, and especially to stand up for children in schools in Greenwich, Connecticut. Learn more and join the newsletter here: https://greenwichpatriots.us/.

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    The People's Republic of Connecticut - Lost Forever

    We The People

    A member of the WEF lying…shocking. Not! The liar should have to make a public apology or be thrown off the committee. Preferably, both!


    Greenwich Dems fill their newsletter with lies and track readers. Better than the liars in leadership roles who pretend to be Republican. WHY is Kalb hiding he serves on the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Long-term Investing in his Greenwich Dem Bio.

    Orwell Was Right

    Who would have ever guessed someone from the Thought Police would lie about something?

    Jack Holeman

    Are the complaints of financial shenanigans and the SEEC investigation against former Greenwich RTC officers Cheryl Resnick and Beth MacGillivray part of a false flag operation? Please Connecticut Centinel let us know.

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