• Greenwich Globalist Asks Police To Monitor The Connecticut Centinal, Thinks Facts Are "Hate Speech"

    October 27, 2023
    Scott Kalb speaking to Greenwich Democrats.

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    Publisher's Note - The Connecticut Centinal (CDM) has of course also conferred with counsel on this matter and is watching the situation closely. We also reserve the right to take legal action if needed. CDM is currently in litigation against The Trusted News Initiative for being deplatformed from scores of Silicon Valley platforms for reporting truthful news in 2019 and 2020. We regard the possible use of state force to prevent free speech an anathema to American ideals. The fact that Greenwich Police admit they are 'monitoring' our media company is extremely disturbing.

    My step-daughter is an Israeli citizen and is possibly being called up by the IDF as we speak. CDM runs a news site from Jerusalem - Tsionizm.com. One of our founders flew for the Israeli Air Force.

    To call CDM anti-semitic is the height of ignorance.

    L Todd Wood

    CDM Sues The Trusted News Initiative With Robert Kennedy, Jr.

    Shocking emails from a response to a FOIA request were recently turned over to the Centinal.

    The emails reveal that Greenwich globalist Scott Kalb, who is running for election to the Board of Estimate and Taxation (BET), the town's finance board, reported The Connecticut Centinal to Greenwich Police Chief Jim Heavey, First Selectman Fred Camillo, Rabbi Mitch at Temple Sholom, and others for "hate speech" in March of this year.

    He additionally requested heightened security for town legislative sessions because he felt that the Centinal article increased the risk of a personal attack on him.

    The article in question, World Economic Forum Globalist Behind Greenwich Push For Zuckbucks, provided a factual account of Kalb's role in pushing the town legislative body, the Representative Town Meeting (RTM), to accept a controversial grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (aka "ZuckBucks").

    It also included a review of his Linked In profile, and highlighted his 11 years at globalist entity, The World Economic Forum (WEF), and his current employer, progressive think tank New America, where Kalb is listed as "Founder and Director". The think tank receives funding from other globalist organizations, like The Rockefeller Foundation and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Another globalist, Jonathan Soros, the son of Mr. Open Societies himself, George Soros, served on New America's Board from 2012 through 2018, overlapping with Kalb's tenure.

    Source: Linked In

    It also included a meme of Kalb's head photoshopped onto the body of Klaus Schwab.

    The original photo of Schwab, who is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the WEF and therefore the symbolic head of the push for globalism, came from Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) when Schwab was awarded the title of 45th Honorary Doctor of KTU on October 13, 2017. At this ceremony, Schwab was literally anointed as a "doctor" of globalism. Klaus, who was raised Catholic, wore the university's traditional graduation robe, as did other dignitaries, for the ceremony.

    Photoshopped Image.

    The meme had nothing to do with race, ethnicity or religion. It's not anti-Semitic.

    Instead, the meme associates Mr. Kalb with the person most symbolic of the globalist agenda, the literal doctor of globalism himself, "Professor" Klaus Schwab.

    Nonetheless, the Police took Kalb's allegations of "hate speech" seriously. Greenwich Police Chief Heavey put Kalb in touch with Captain Scorca and Detective Levy regarding the matter.

    Kalb was subsequently informed by Detective Levy that the article "may not be considered a hate crime or a criminal action". Probably because it was just an accounting of factual events surrounding the ZuckBucks controversy in Greenwich, along with Kalb's own resume.

    Kalb shared Detective Levy's assessment that the Centinal's "free speech" was not a "hate crime" with Chief Heavey, RTM Moderator Alexis Voulgaris, State Rep. Stephen Meskers, State Rep. Hector Arzeno, State Rep. Rachel Khanna, First Selectman Fred Camillo, Rabbi Mitch and others. He indicated he was still "determined" to uncover the identity of the journalist who wrote the article.

    Greenwich Police Detective Levy wrote in an email to Kalb, "as distasteful and unpleasant [understatement] as the articles published by The Connecticut Centinal have been, they have not yet risen to the level of being a threat to your personal well-being, or a violation of any criminal statutes. Pursuing this civilly would be your only option at this point."

    Nonetheless, Detective Levy said a case had been opened to document the activities of The Connecticut Centinal to maintain a "chronology of their actions" in order "to make a stronger case" should attacks on Kalb reach "a criminal level" in the future.

    The way that Kalb is using Greenwich police to monitor the press should send chills down the spines of all free speech advocates who value the freedom of the press afforded by the First Amendment.

    Coincidentally, Kalb's wife is part of the media herself, serving as the Senior Editor for Yale Magazine for nearly 10 years, and having previously held journalism roles with national outlets including the Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, and CNN.

    It is absolutely shocking to see the Greenwich police being called upon to monitor the Centinal after publishing a factual article.

    We stand by our reporting, and always protect our sources.

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    People have been focused on the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI. This same trend can now be seen in our city and town police departments. The purpose is to shut down dissenting voices by any means necessary. Police chiefs are politicians in a blue uniform.


    A coward and a crybully

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