• Families For Freedom Backs Bristol BOE Candidate And Parental Rights Champion, Jennifer Van Gorder

    Jennifer Van Gorder.

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    Families for Freedom is happy to see Jennifer Van Gorder was endorsed by the Bristol Republican Town Committee for Board of Education for the next municipal election.

    This woman is a principled warrior for parental rights and has stood steadfast even when many have come against her with personal attacks to try to discredit her for upholding basic principles of personal liberty and doing so with the upmost integrity. 

    It is apparent that a couple of seated Board of Education members are clearly using their role for power, position, and personal gain. The currently-seated chair of the Board of Education, Jennifer Dube (R), has personally made it her goal to have her current fiancé and fellow Board of Education member, Dante Anthony Tagariello seated as the next chair.

    Ms. Dube has worked tirelessly to discredit anyone who would try to stop that from occurring, even resorting to making slanderous and libelous statements, colluding with Democrats on the Board, and even going so far as to remove the current Vice Chair of the Bristol Board of Education from all the committee assignments she served on so faithfully. 

    It is this type of unethical behavior that speaks volumes to the voter and makes us all question certain people's motives for serving. It is a sad day when people forget their responsibility to the public and use their political position to sway opinions with false accusations.

    Voters in Bristol be aware and cautious when choosing your candidates.

    Look to those who serve righteously even when others try to discredit them and their tireless act of voluntary service.

    Always question those who so vengefully try to disparage others instead of telling the voter their positions on topics we are concerned with as parents of school aged children.

    Submitted by Families for Freedom

    Families for Freedom is a grass roots group focused on the importance of the family unit and advocating for their freedom to choose what is best for themselves and their children. We empower families through education on our governmental process, thereby encouraging them to be more actively involved in holding elected representatives accountable to the citizens and creating change from the bottom up as our government was designed to be. Learn more on our Facebook page.

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