• Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., Takes Unprecedented Actions To Bring Accountability To Bridgeport Elections

    November 21, 2023

    An obscure state statute is being utilized to force action.

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    On behalf of "We the People," Fight Voter Fraud, Inc., is seeking justice against long-standing voter fraud and corruption in the Park City. One of the alleged perpetrators of voter fraud in Bridgeport is Wanda Geter-Pataki, who, after a four-year investigation by the State Election Enforcement Committee (SEEC), was referred for criminal investigation for her role in the 2019 Democratic Primary. The SEEC confirmed the referral in June of 2023 to the Office of the Chief State's Attorney.

    Since that referral, there has been nothing but inaction by Connecticut's judicial system, and now Wanda Geter-Pataki has allegedly repeated the 2019 crimes in the 2023 Democratic Primary.

    "Fight Voter Fraud cannot sit idly by while government officials continue to make no attempts to fully audit the historic fraud in Bridgeport," says Linda Szynkowicz, Founder and CEO of Fight Voter Fraud, Inc. "What happened this past August was completely avoidable had government officials and the judicial system taken serious action and done their jobs."

    Fight Voter Fraud has taken unprecedented action to uphold the law and bring accountability and trust to Bridgeport's elections. Utilizing an obscure but powerful state statute that allows "We the People" to force action, three Bridgeport citizens reviewed and signed the affidavits after examining the evidence presented in court records. These three elector's signatures push forward the arrest warrants for Wanda Geter-Pataki and Eneida Martinez to be signed by the Superior Court Judge, according to Connecticut State Statute: 9-368.

    The statute specifically states that, "Upon the written complaint of any three electors of a town in which a violation of any law relating to elections has occurred to any judge of the superior court for the judicial district within which the offense has been committed, supported by oath or affirmation that the complainants have good reason to believe and do believe that the allegations therein contained are true and can be proved, such judge shall issue a warrant for the arrest of the accused."

    Attorney Cameron L. Atkinson submitted the documentation to the Superior Court today, saying, "Elections are the backbone of our state and country. When someone commits election fraud, they cheat all of us. At that point, it is no longer a Democrat or Republican issue. It is a Connecticut issue. The City of Bridgeport and the state of Connecticut seem more interested in targeting people who exposed the shocking election fraud than prosecuting the people responsible for committing it. The world is now watching. We call on the Connecticut General Assembly to pass a bill appointing a special prosector to investigate and prosecute everyone involved in the fraud committed on the people of Bridgeport."

    Download the FULL Criminal Complaint and Arrest Warrant Applications for Wanda Geter-Pataky and Eneida Martinez:

    If and when the judge decides to sign off on the arrest warrant applications remains to be seen.

    But it can't come soon enough, especially in light of other reports of voter fraud that seem to indicate Wanda Geter-Pataki is not alone in her efforts to undermine Connecticut election integrity.

    Fight Voter Fraud is a non-partisan organization committed to upholding the integrity of elections and ensuring that every legal voter's voice is heard. The organization works to promote transparency and accountability in the electoral process by advocating for measures that prevent fraudulent voting and protect our Representative Republic and the rights of citizens. You can learn more about the mission and initiatives at www.fightvoterfraud.org.

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