• Freedom Of Information Request Submitted To Greenwich Schools Over CCP-Linked Investment In Curriculum

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    Nearly two weeks ago, Greenwich Public Schools was asked about its decision to take money from The Asia Society, a group that is backed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), after Parents Defending Education released a shocking report about CCP investment in US Schools.

    Seven school districts in Connecticut made the list:

    1. East Hartford Public Schools ($10,000)
    2. Glastonbury Public Schools ($10,000)
    3. Greenwich Public Schools ($10,000)
    4. Newtown Public Schools ($9,342)
    5. Norwalk Public Schools ($10,000)
    6. Simsbury Public Schools ($9,931)
    7. West Hartford Public Schools ($10,000)

    So far, the Greenwich Board of Education and Superintendent Jones have declined to respond to questions about why the district would take money from a CCP-linked organization, or whether any information may have been relayed back to the CCP about Greenwich students.  Why is that? Doesn’t the community deserve answers?

    A Freedom of Information Act Request has been submitted to GPS in order to learn more about the extent of the relationship with the CCP-backed Asia Society, and to obtain the curriculum materials used in the course.  The district was also asked whether it would be offering the course again this year, and if so, if outside funding would be utilized.

    Stay tuned on this unfolding story. 

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