• Frustrated Stamford Public School Parent Searching For Compromise

    January 10, 2024
    Screenshot, Stamford Board of Education Meeting (11/28/2023)

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    By Paul Arvoy

    Did anyone watch the Board of Education meeting last night?!

    We need more parents and teachers watching to witness the vitriol espoused towards the minority members on the board when they ask for transparency.

    It’s a shocking, blatant disregard for for the voices of the minority members.

    Leadership is lacking as well as EQ (emotional quotient).  Even with three new members present, the five, really put on a reality show for the public while Dr. Hamman spoke.

    It literally reminded the observers of adults in a preschool program… the five BOE members really couldn’t get enough of coloring and throwing sand amongst those that pressed in with hard questions.

    The responses, the look of disdain on the majority members faces and the dismissal of common sense questions with attack-like answers are disturbing. There is no accountability for our superintendent by the majority members of the board. Absolutely none!

    The Board has ceded responsibility and control to the superintendent. But the Board is supposed to provide the "checks and balances" of a superintendent to the district, which includes teachers, parents and taxpayers.

    Please go back and watch the uncivil discourse and the throwing up of hands and eye rolling displayed by the majority members every time a minority member asks for transparency. It’s shameful. The majority members have no respect for the important questions that are posed that defy the downward spiral of our district.

    We need more parents on the BOE meetings, along with more speakers, to let the Board know they are not the end all to harmful, education killing policy in our district. As well the attempt to remove our cultural holidays on the school calendar with disrespectful statements. There is much more to say but this is only a post. Go to the BOE website and watch the January 9th, 6:30 meeting and the following meeting and you will see what I’m relaying. Get on BOE meetings! We need more residents to witness this. It’s a shame.

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