• "Voting Mom" Changes Registration To Republican, Attempts To Vote In Greenwich D5 Republican Caucus

    January 10, 2024
    Emily Goodman, "The Voting Mom"

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    Last night's Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC) caucuses drew hundreds of people despite the ugly weather.

    Even Emily Goodman, one of the democrat political operatives behind The Voting Moms, showed up to the republican caucuses.

    Yep, you read that right.

    Emily Goodman, who worked on Hillary Clinton's infamous senate campaign in 2000, in conjunction with ACORN offshoot, the Working Families Party.

    Emily Goodman who interned for Judge Denny Chin, a Barack Obama appointee in the activist Southern District of New York, who said that Donald Trump could not use presidential immunity as a defense in a defamation lawsuit by writer E. Jean Carroll.

    Emily Goodman whose social media is absolutely littered with progressive causes.

    Turns out Emily Goodman thought she could pull a fast one on Greenwich Republicans. She changed her voter registration from Democrat to Unaffiliated on October 24, 2023. Then on December 4, 2023, she switched from Unaffiliated to Republican.

    Source: Greenwich Registrar's Office

    Last night she confidently cruised through Old Greenwich Elementary School where a couple RTC caucuses were being held, poked her head into the D6 caucus, and then attempted to vote in the RTC District 5 caucus.

    When she was denied a ballot, she complained to several Republicans who kindly offered to contact the Registrar to get to the bottom of the situation.

    "Voting Mom" Emily Goodman and Tom Broadhurst at D5 RTC Caucus

    It turns out Goodman, who was wearing a hat emblazoned with the logo of The Voting Moms, an allegedly illegal PAC according to multiple recent State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) complaints, was denied because party privileges had not been earned in time for the caucus—it takes 90 days—so she doesn't officially earn party privileges until January 24, 2024.

    Goodman's presence at the caucuses caused a bit of a stir, as a number of Republicans with full party privileges felt that Goodman, an obvious plant, should not have been allowed to join the caucus, but she was permitted to stay and observe the entire meeting anyway.

    She was also seen chatting with Greenwich Board of Education member, Michael Joseph Mercanti-Anthony, whom she previously met once.

    Mercanti-Anthony (left) and Goodman (right)

    The last time we saw Mercanti-Anthony chatting with Goodman was at the December 14, 2023, Board of Education meeting where he was observed personally thanking Goodman for "keeping the crazies" out of the RTM (the Moms had labeled them "extremists" of course).

    By "crazies" he apparently meant caring and devoted community members who offered to volunteer for their town, but because they believed in parental rights, for instance, they were deemed "crazy".

    Interestingly, it was the selection of Mercanti-Antony, a frequent Biden donor, as a Board of Education candidate in the 2021 municipal elections that was the final straw for many Republicans. And it was the reason that brought scores of Republicans together to pull a precinct strategy to take back control of the party.

    Now it looks like the Greenwich Republicans will have to figure out how to deal with infiltrators like Goodman, and others, like Barbara Hindman who said she switched parties "for about a month" presumably to throw a wrench into last night's caucuses.

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    Concerned Parent

    A political operative. Hope the Voting Moms are held to account for not registering their PAC and for deceptive practices. At the very least, they will be shunned by half of Greenwich for using deceitful and malicious tactics to manipulate fellow citizens. We want civility here. Get on board or move elsewhere for your win-at-all-costs political ambitions.


    Cry about it libbie!!! Move to communist north korea if you don't like AMERICAN DEMOCRACY!!

    Need Voter ID

    So devious! How shameful. Do these people have any morals?
    Probably not the only one who attempted this.

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