• Goldstein Fails In Vote On Nathaniel Witherell Board, "Anti Covid Vaccine" Stance Cited Among Reasons

    September 19, 2023

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein's nomination to the Board of The Nathaniel Witherell failed to pass in a vote at the Greenwich RTM meeting last night. Those opposed to his nomination falsely suggested he was pro-privatization (despite public statements to the contrary), social media posts, and, in particular, his view on covid vaccines.

    Goldstein was advised by his own doctor not to take the covid vaccine, and was even granted a rare medical exemption.

    Amy Badini, who spoke on behalf of the Family Council of The Nathaniel Witherell strongly opposed Goldstein's appointment to the Board, saying, "His opposition to covid vaccine mandates gives us great concern regarding his opinions on many other medical decisions that may arise in the future."

    State Representative Stephen Meskers said that Goldstein's posts on social media, especially "regarding vaccines, regarding religious exemptions from vaccines, regarding mask wearing, brings tremendous concern to me." He preferred a candidate who would uphold the "letter of the law" and encourage the "spirit of the law" with regard to masks and vaccine mandates.

    Source: Facebook

    The Vice-Chair of the Family Council, Sheila Smith, was also alarmed that Goldstein followed his doctor's recommendation to avoid the covid vaccine because of the serious risk it posed to him.

    Smith said, "I'm not too interested about somebody's personal opinion about whether or not they should be vaccinated. This really comes down to what the law was. And a couple of years ago, there was a federal and state mandate that health care workers, nursing homes, and hospitals in particular had to be vaccinated. Dr. Goldstein rather than get vaccinated gave up his operating privileges at a New York hospital and actually was passed over at that time for a slot on the board at Nathaniel Witherell because he wouldn't get vaccinated."

    Smith finished up by saying, "If we need a doctor to be on the board. Let's find one who believes in the science and upholds the law."

    Of course, "the science" on covid vaccines shows they can result in a long list of potentially serious adverse events, including death. A mandate is not a law. And no one can be forced to take an experimental medical product against their free will.

    Source: Open VAERS

    Three Republican speakers were denied the opportunity to speak in support of Goldstein because they failed to choose "For" or "Against" according to the speaker-sign up form. But that didn't prevent State Representative Stephen Meskers from speaking against Goldstein, even though he made the same mistake as the three Republicans.

    Greenwich RTM Meeting (9/18/23).

    It's no wonder Greenwich Republicans are calling foul on the RTM Moderator, Alexis Voulgaris, who permitted Meskers to speak, but not the Republicans, clearing tipping the scales in favor of Democrats on what is meant to be a non-partisan body.

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    So disgusted by the lies that are allowed to stand. Democrats are allowed to lie to their heart’s content and are never held accountable

    Michael Goldstein

    Although I do not favor vaccine mandates in January 2022 I published a letter to the Editor of the Hartford Courant supporting mandatory Covid vaccinations in nursing homes because 49% of all the Covid deaths in the state were happening in Nursing Homes. During the Covid pandemic I never violated the law.

    Michael Goldstein

    There is a typo only 40% of the Covid deaths happened in nursing homes


    History will bear out that people were murdered in those Nursing Homes because of the incorrect treatment. The vaccines are killing people and causing long term damage to millions. Everyone involved should be held accountable.

    🇺🇸🐓Billy Baxster

    🇺🇸🐓📢LGB👏👏👏🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉🐑💉 🐓 🥁🐎

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