• GOLDSTEIN: The Greenwich Free Press Article About Me Is Biased, Here's The Full Story

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    The Greenwich Free Press article about my issue with the wetlands is one of political bias.

    In fact, the author Leslie Yager in an email to me regarding her article made the following statement:

    Also, I saw that you're seeking the nomination to challenge Jim Himes in the 4th Congressional district next November. Do you think this wetlands situation will impact your candidacy?

    Leslie Yager

    Her question posed in the email tells the story about what I believe is the real purpose of her article; it is the use of her publication as an means to bolster Jim Himes and his re-election by attacking me.

    She also chose the most damning statements in the wetlands hearings to advance her attack. This fill project was not done in a vacuum; it was done openly under my belief at the time and at my contractor’s position that I was allowed to bring fill on my property for the purpose of regrading. Once I found out that I was in violation of the Wetlands regulations, I immediately stopped, hired experts and began a protective process with multiple silt fences. Multiple proposals and drawings have been submitted with remediation plans with none of them being acceptable.

    I think it is important to be objective and that one who sees the headline of her article or chooses to scroll should understand the complete picture. My complete correspondence with Leslie Yager’s inquiry on the wetlands and the political issues involved is as follows:

    “We are working to resolve this issue in our upcoming revised application on February 20, 2024. 
    I have been working with experts to develop a plan that will protect the wetlands and address the issues of the wetlands agency.

    The fill is clean and is not contaminated. It is also not in the wetlands but in the upland review area. We have maintained erosion control for many months. People need to be aware that the upland review area subject to the jurisdiction of the wetlands agency extends for 100 feet beyond the edge of the wetlands. If your property borders a watershed it can extend even further.  For some people that could represent their entire property. Any activity including any property improvements or even cutting down a tree would therefore require the approval of the Wetlands agency. 
    Through my team of engineers and other experts we are in constant contact with the wetlands agency.

    With respect to the 4th Congressional district, I am running again. While a political race against an incumbent  is difficult, I am excited for my candidacy.   This is a race I can win if the voters have decided that it is time for change and that they view my positions and my candidacy favorably.

    As you are aware, our society had undergone drastic changes in the last three years. Economically, Connecticut voters have suffered from high energy costs, loss of energy independence, a failed windmill project in the Northeast, crippling inflation and a rising Federal debt.

    Socially,  and even in our close community in Greenwich,  we have seen division at the local and Federal level.  We are a divided country rather than a united one. There are huge parental concerns that are regularly raised in your paper that highlight the rights of parents are being usurped by schools and administrators that have shifted their focus away from their core goal of educating students to function in a 21st century economy.  I previously ran in 2022 for parental rights and this issue is more prevalent today. 
    Academic performance continues to decline throughout the 4th district and nationwide. Students in poorer communities have fared the worst. I ran on School choice in 2022 and continue to support the need to offer more educational options on a larger scale in Connecticut, including the expansion of charter schools and school choice through vouchers and other educational incentives.

    Even in Connecticut, we have seen rising crime and the encouragement  of lawless behavior. Shoplifting, which can destroy businesses is going unpunished. Car thefts are on the rise. The crime of illegal entry into the United States is being rewarded with economic benefits at the expense of hardworking Americans and legal immigrants that are forced to subsidize this illegal entry across our borders. 

    Illegal immigration has further resulted in countless numbers of criminals and potential terrorists along with economic refugees entering the country. Human slavery through sex and child trafficking is not being stopped and those that peddle in trafficking are not deterred when there is no punishment for such heinous crimes. Illegally imported Fentanyl continues to cause more  deaths per year than all the deaths from the Vietnam war and further contributes to our growing health crisis. 

    I ran in 2022 on health and medical freedom and healthcare reform and the situation has only deteriorated with rising healthcare costs with no ceiling in sight. 

    As a Jew, even in our community of Greenwich, antisemitism is on the rise. Throughout our nation, I am appalled by the increased Antisemitism and the support for barbaric murders of innocent non combatant Jewish women and children on our nation's campuses that receive federal funding.  This is not what a liberal arts education is supposed to teach our future leaders and workforce.  Jewish students on these campuses have been attacked for their religion without consequences. 

    Those who know history, know that this type of hate never ends with Jews and others will be next unless it is stopped and we prosecute those that commit such hate crimes to deter behavior that does not align with the freedoms contained within our Constitution. It is sad to see that we are reliving the 1930's. Totalitarian dictatorships looking for expansion and world domination have started wars in the Ukraine and the Middle East. The next flare up will likely be in Asia with the invasion of Taiwan by China. Our country and our world needs to change course.

    We can only stop this path to war through the policy of peace through strength and using economic weapons to weaken the aggressors.  These are some issues that I care deeply about and resonate with many of my fellow constituents. These are the real issues in this campaign and in the 2024 election. A pile of dirt in my backyard has no impact to the future of our country and the stability and health of our nation. 

    Thank You for Contacting me. I would be glad to be interviewed regarding my candidacy.


    Michael Goldstein

    From her article, it is more than apparent that this article is an attack on my political campaign against Jim Himes. The fact that Leslie Yager has devoted so much time and effort to reviewing the record, the hearings and the transcripts to portray me in the worst light possible confirms that my candidacy has good chance of succeeding in unseating Jim Himes. They do say they only come at you if you are doing something right or pose a real challenge.

    The Greenwich Free Press is not objective for the community at large. I believe its contributors like Leslie are not free in objective journalism. Instead, that article and her perceived real intent to leverage two non-sequitur issues only fuels the division and polarization we saw in the last local election and exacerbates issues that I seek to solve in Congress. Our country can only succeed if community comes together and the division stops, and it must stop at home.

    Whatever your political beliefs are on a local level, we are all neighbors. I have not always supported one party over another. We have to be civilized to our neighbors. The bible says love thy neighbor; it does not say love thy neighbor only if they agree with your politics.

    We shop in the same stores, our children are now or were in the past classmates. We attend religious institutions with others of different political beliefs but that does not make us enemies. I also believe that in Greenwich, the beliefs we have to provide for our families, support education and keep Greenwich a safe refuge from the tumult and chaos of New York city are not political issues but rather issues about maintaining and improving quality of life for ourselves and our neighbors.

    Greenwich Connecticut and America have faced difficult times and we will be facing more in the future. Our survival as a country depends on us coming together as one people to fight for the democratic principles embodied in our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

    That is what I believe and that is why I am running for Congress. 

    Any attack on me about a pile of dirt or using a heap of dirt to attack a political campaign is nothing more than dirty politics.

    The best way to counteract this attack is to support my campaign through both volunteering and donating. Visit my website at www.goldsteinforcongress.com, facebook goldsteinforcongress, X @DrMGoldstein and Instagram at @drmichaelgoldstein.

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    Dr. Michael Goldstein

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is running for U.S. Congress. You can learn more about his campaign here: https://goldsteinforcongress.com/

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    Paul A

    Leslie Yeager is a perfect example of desperation.When you have no exemplary policy facts to tout your candidate (Jim Himes) you produce an article used as a hit piece to propagate an unimportant narrative that riles up the sheep. There are multiple detrimental issues in our country and local municipalities that are not being addressed by politicians who are all too comfortable and politically self interested as elected officials to work for the people. Dr. Michael Goldstein has you in mind.

    Paul A

    Our Constitutional republic has elections commonly every 4 to 6 years for a reason. To vote in different candidates with different ideas which in turn creates strong communities. Our Constitution is not written for politicians to repeatedly hold power and control. This is antithetical to the Constitution. When an elections is repeatedly won by the same politicians over and over, you become Connecticut, New York and California with Super Majorities that destroy a state. This is not democracy.

    Paul A

    If our state of Connecticut had half of the success we need to to be a strong, thriving, fiscally responsible state that works for the people, we still should be electing new vibrant politicians with fresh outlooks and candidates that bring to Hartford the voice of the people. We are one of the lowest states in economic performance in the country thanks to our ruling class of repeat politicians. Himes, Blumenthal and Murphy all need to be put out to pasture to to take a chance on prosperity.

    Paul A

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is that vibrant new candidate with fresh ideas that needs your votes to end the power and control of feckless repeat politicians that have left their constituents behind. Vote for what the Constitution actually stands for. Vote for a prosperous America.
    Vote for Dr. Michael Goldstein to change the course of autocratic, repeat, failing politicians that get elected by dirty campaign tactics and published hit pieces because they can’t run on their failed policies.

    A concerned parent

    Goldstein is a moron and his 'fresh ideas' are simply things he regurgitates from Tucker Carlson and Prager university. He has zero chance.

    Paul A

    Thanks for that educated reply. My reply says it all.

    A concerned parent

    You're welcome- hope it enlightened you.

    Need Voter ID

    Moron? Sounds like someone needs to look in the mirror. From your juvenile response, I doubt your IQ breaks 100

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