• Greenwich Dems Basically Admit The Uniparty Is Real

    February 13, 2024

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    If you ever wanted proof that a "uniparty" of Democrats, Unafilliateds and "Republicans" exists, look no further than this Facebook post made by the Greenwich Democrats.

    It says: "For the sake of our fragile democracy, we need sensible Republicans to join with Democrats and Unaffiliated in calling out and voting against extreme voices in the Republican Party in our town and around the country."

    Screenshot, Greenwich Democrats on Facebook

    Of course by "sensible Republicans" they mean the RINOs and Old Guard Republicans who have a history of caving to the will of Democrats after getting called out by the Democrats' lapdogs in the local mainstream media, and after pressure from local Democrat front groups like Indivisible Greenwich and The Voting Moms.

    By "extreme voices" they mean people who embrace traditional Republican values including family, liberty, freedom, prosperity, common sense, honesty and integrity, as well as those who are opposed to things like government corruption, election fraud, globalism and divisive progressive ideologies (e.g., critical race theory, radical gender theory, DEI) being stuffed down everyone's throats.

    The other take-away from this post is that the Greenwich Republicans — the ones who embrace traditional Republican values — must be growing in popularity, and their messages must be resonating with more and more people, a trend which is playing out nationally much to the dismay of "uniparty" RINOs and Democrats everywhere.

    Otherwise, why would the Greenwich Democrats need to come out in February to opine on the rift inside the RTC between their friends, the Old Guard Republicans, and their shared enemies, the principled Republicans who now comprise the majority of the Republican party, not just in Greenwich but all around the country?

    Are the Greenwich Democrats worried that their cozy "uniparty" might get broken up and dismantled by these principled Republicans, effectively ending their control over the Town?

    Is that what this is really all about? Or do they have something else to hide, too?

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    Greenwich Patriots

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    Paul A

    Take me to your leader. Part of being indoctrinated is convincing the sane ones to give up and give in. I never understood what the zombie apocalypse was. This is the zombie apocalypse.

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