• Greenwich Distinguished Teacher Awards Discriminate Against Non-Union Teachers

    December 5, 2023

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    Greenwich Public Schools posted a video from the Junior United Way inviting the GPS community to nominate a devoted educator for the Distinguished Teacher Awards (DTA).

    But only if you are a union member.

    Non-members are excluded from consideration.

    That's a rather ironic position to take in light of the union's heavy emphasis on "diversity, equity and inclusion" policies, isn't it?

    Apparently, inclusion only applies if you are "in" their club.

    However, if your favorite teacher left the union after it failed to support their needs when it came to covid vaccine and testing mandates, too bad. That teacher is not eligible for an award. The same is true if your favorite educator left the union over the radical progressive policies it pushes. Nope, you can't be teacher of the year if you disagree with the union's woke agenda that embraces gender ideology, critical race theory, secret gender transitions and more. No award for you!

    Source: DTAC

    The DTA Committee (DTAC), a nonprofit organization with less than $50,000 in gross receipts according to the IRS, was established in 1984 to recognize and celebrate excellence among, apparently, only unionized Greenwich Public School teachers.

    The Committee is comprised of about 20 members from the Greenwich Education Association (GEA) teachers union, the Greenwich Organization of School Administrators (GOSA), the PTA Council parents, the Board of Education, and members of the community.

    Six union members are selected as winners each year at the awards ceremony.

    The Awards are funded by DTAC committee members, PTAs, GOSA, GEA, and the GPS community, though it's unclear whether those funding the awards realize that some of their favorite educators could potentially be discriminated against and ineligible for awards because they choose not to pay dues to a radical progressive union.

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