• Greenwich First Selectperson Candidate Endorsed By Lamont—Same Guy Who Mandated Masks, Tests, Vaccines, Lockdowns, Etc.

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    Greenwich democrat First Selectperson candidate Laura Erickson has snagged yet another dubious endorsement, this time from Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont, the same person who brought you masks, forced covid testing, covid vaccine mandates, lockdowns, and more.

    Lamont really loves mandates.

    He even mandated that Covid-19 positive patients and negative patients be put in the same nursing home facilities in 2020, potentially contributing to as many as 4,600 deaths. He banned healthy people (not Covid-19 positive) from seeing their loved ones in nursing homes, leaving thousands of people to die alone. He even banned people from their funerals.

    Before the pandemic, Lamont welcomed Communist Chinese Ambassador Huang Ping, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, to his office in Hartford and subsequently leveraged that relationship to 'humbly request' for China's assistance in obtaining personal protective equipment (PPE) at the beginning of the pandemic.

    Governor Ned Lamont with CCP Consul General Huang Ping.
    Source: Internet Wayback Machine

    Lamont's wife, Annie, won a $23 million dollar, no-bid contract for covid testing through her company Sema4 during the pandemic.

    How lucky Annie was to win a special contract like that, right?

    It's just one of the many reasons that earned Lamont the nickname "King Ned the Unaccountable".

    Why would Greenwich First Selectperson candidate Laura Erickson be eager to accept an endorsement from a guy like Lamont?

    Does it mean that Erickson likes mandates as much as Lamont, who more recently mandated electric vehicles? Does it mean she is okay with awarding large contracts to family members or friends?

    What exactly are we to read into this endorsement?

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