• Wanting Election Integrity Isn't Radical. But Rutgers' Support Of The Globalist Agenda Is.

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    We seem to have gotten under Alma Rutgers’ skin yet again.

    Her latest rant complains about how we told people to vote out all of the RTM members who sold out election integrity by accepting a controversial grant from the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL). 

    Rutgers is also terrified that the town's legislative body, the RTM, will be taken over by MAGA candidates "organized into district slates" under the name "Sensible Greenwich”.  

    She claims her recommended RTM list is "nonpartisan” but it's actually the same list the Greenwich Democrats recommended, so it's clearly not a “nonpartisan” list. But what else would you expect from a lifelong Democrat like Rutgers who writes for a left-leaning paper with allegedly shoddy, biased reporting like the Greenwich Time?

    Ironically, Rutgers is calling us “radical” for wanting to protect election integrity from outside forces, including ZuckBucks, which have already been banned in more than half of the country.

    Do you know what we consider radical?

    Rutgers' support for Black Lives Matter, an organization that wants to defund the police and that supports Hamas terrorists. That's radical.

    Rutgers' belief that America is systemically racist based on an entirely false narrative about George Floyd’s cause of death is pretty radical, too.  She even thinks the Marxist doctrine of critical race theory was an “absurd, yet dangerous boogeyman” that was used to “defend the white status quo” after Floyd’s death… from a drug overdose.

    Rutgers says that plans to forward the climate agenda, such as those being pushed by the globalists at World Economic Forum (WEF) partner C40 Cities, are actually “laudable” efforts against "the existential threat climate change poses.” But since there's not a climate emergency, it’s radical to call climate change an existential threat.

    By the way, the “laudable” efforts by C40 Cities include “transformational changes” like signing an equity pledge, scaling up climate action through mandates like Lamont’s unpopular EV mandate, moving toward goals like zero meat consumption, scaling up investment in green initiatives with good environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores, and divesting from all fossil fuels…  which might not be a big issue since the globalists want you to stop traveling by plane, except for one short-haul return flight (<1,500 km) per person every three years!   

    This is where ESG guys like Scott Kalb, who is running for the town’s finance board, the BET, come into play to help enable the globalist ESG agenda on a local level.

    Which reminds us of perhaps Rutgers' most radical idea of all:  that we should all be globalists. 

    What’s so dangerous about globalism?

    The short answer is that under globalism, you’ll "own nothing and be happy" according to Klaus Schwab, head of the WEF and a literal "doctor" of globalism.

    Schwab's advisor, Yuval Noah Harari, took that sentiment a step further and talked about a globalist future where surveillance would be constant. 

    Harari said, "...the epidemic might mark an important watershed in the history of surveillance, not only because it might normalize the deployment of mass surveillance tools in countries that have so far rejected them, but even more so because it signifies a dramatic transition from ‘over the skin’ to ‘under the skin’ surveillance…"

    Whole Foods, Port Chester.

    What about “surveillance" in Greenwich?

    First Selectperson candidate Laura Erickson wants to install speed cameras to surveil drivers as one of her top priorities. Greenwich Schools Superintendent Toni Jones wants to use digital ID to surveil students.  Globalist BET candidate Scott Kalb shockingly asked Greenwich Police to surveil free speech and monitor the press.  

    Is this the kind of future you want for Greenwich? With Big Brother watching?

    If not, then go to the polls on November 7th. Vote out all of the RTM members who undermined Greenwich election integrity.  And don't let a globalist gain control of the BET.

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