• UPDATE: GFP Refuses Interview, Promises To Post Our Reply In Its Entirety

    November 6, 2023

    Greenwich Free Press Seeks Comment On Questionable Media Bias/Fact Check Report On CT Centinal, So Founder L. Todd Wood Offers Interview In Response

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    UPDATE: Editor Leslie Yager at Greenwich Free Press has refused to do an interview with our Publisher L Todd Wood, per the terms below. She did promise to print our response in its entireity. We have posted our response, hyperlinks included, below:

    CDM is very focused on history in bringing back investigative journalism to Connecticut and beyond.  We have not tried to hide the fact that we re-established long-defunct revolutionary period newspapers across the nation.  We have done this with The Colorado Free Press, The Georgia Record, The Easton Gazette, and The Connecticut Centinal.  There will be more.  

    Regarding 'disinformation', we find that term subjective as who gets to decide?  We have yet to be challenged on anything we have reported as being false by anyone in CT.  If we do report something that is not true, we issue a correction, or take the article down.  

    Who gets to decide what is a 'legitimate local newspaper, or a 'conservative imposter website?' We think the free market should make that determination, not ideologues on either side.

    I have been told you typically do not post hyperlinks, even when requested.

    Please include these links spelled out in my response.



    The Connecticut Centinal published an article yesterday that clearly struck a nerve.

    The article, Greenwich Dem Who Always Supports The Current Thing Says CT Centinal Is For "Barely Literate MAGA Types", resulted after an interaction on X / Twitter involving Greenwich resident and well-known political activist Janet Lee McMahon.

    Ms. McMahon attempted to label the Centinal "fake news" by using a fact check from an obviously biased provider, ironically called "Media Bias / Fact Check" (MBFC). This same organization believes that the Communist Party is a more reliable provider of news than the Centinal and a host of other organizations, such as Fox News, Breitbart and The Epoch Times.

    A day after the article was published, the publisher of The Connecticut Centinal, L. Todd Wood, received a media inquiry from Leslie Yager, the publisher of the Greenwich Free Press, regarding the MBFC profile for The Connecticut Centinal.

    November 5, 2023
    From Leslie Yager

    Dear Mr. Wood,
    In October Media Bias/Fact Check published a review of the Connecticut Centinal.
    MBFC is a website dedicated to educating the public on media bias and deceptive news practices.The review said Connecticut Centinal has a history of publishing misinformation, and described it as "a conservative imposter website that is designed to look like a legitimate local newspaper." Further, the review states, "Creative Destruction Media, owned by L Todd Wood, publishes the Connecticut Centinal. CDM publishes several websites using the names of old defunct newspapers."
    Do you have any comment on the review? I might write about it for GFP since there have been so many posts about Greenwich on your site.



    From the review:

    Founded in 2021 by L Todd Wood, the Connecticut Centinal is a conservative news and opinion website with a history of publishing misinformation. According to its about page, “The Connecticut Centinal is the state’s premier investigative newspaper. Long-suffering from an absence of patriotic media, Connecticut is in dire need of an organization which will confront, and highlight, corruption in the jurisdiction.”

    Funded by / Ownership

    Creative Destruction Media, owned by L Todd Wood, publishes the Connecticut Centinal. CDM publishes several websites using the names of old defunct newspapers. Advertising and ad-free subscriptions generate revenue.

    Analysis / Bias

    The Connecticut Centinal is a conservative imposter website that is designed to look like a legitimate local newspaper. All of the websites use the same design template using an old newspaper font for their logos.


    Leslie Yager
    Greenwich Free Press

    Wood responded to Yager's email with an offer/suggestion.


    Thanks for the email.  
    I have an offer/suggestion.  
    Greenwich needs to see both sides of the issues - don't you think?
    I offer to do an interview with you on video, audio, or print, and answer all of your questions, if you will agree to print it in its entirety.
    And we would print as well. 
    Let me know.
    We could have a good discussion and talk about the issues you raise in a civil manner.
    I will be printing this offer in The Connecticut Centinal.


    L Todd Wood
    CEO/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief CDM

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