• Greenwich Dem Who Always Supports The Current Thing Says CT Centinal Is For "Barely Literate MAGA Types"

    November 5, 2023
    Janet Lee McMahon, Source: Facebook

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    Greenwich Democrat political activist Janet Lee McMahon appears to be upset once again over facts reported in The Connecticut Centinal.

    This time the card-carrying Indivisible member used Media Bias / Fact Check to claim that the Centinal is a "questionable" news source with a "low" level of factual reporting, placing it alongside the likes of Breitbart, Dan Bongino, The Daily Mail, Fox News, Sean Hannity, Newsmax, The Epoch Times, Joe Rogan, Judicial Watch, and many, many more.

    Interestingly, The Democrat National Committee (DNC) is on the same list as the Centinal.

    Also curious is that Media Bias / Fact Check believes the Hamas terrorist-supporting group Black Lives Matters actually provides more reliable news than the above-mentioned providers. In fact, it lists sites like In Defense of Marxism and Communist Party USA as "mostly factual" which is much better than the DNC's rating.

    Source: Media Bias / Fact Check

    Media Bias considers the CDC to be "pro-science" and have very high credibility—the same CDC that has been telling people that deadly covid vaccines are actually "safe and effective". Media Bias even labels Wikipedia as one of the least biased sources out there. So McMahon is down with using a Communist-sympathizing web site that thinks Wikipedia is unbiased for her fact check... um, okay.

    Source: Media Bias / Fact Check

    McMahon apparently believes that facts reported by the Centinal are for "barely literate MAGA types who need to supplement their Newsmax habit." She admits she stays on X / Twitter to keep fighting against MAGA republicans and the "extreme" agenda of wanting to make America great again because "MAGA tears are delicious" to her.

    It should be noted that McMahon is running for re-election to the Greenwich RTM, the town's legislative body, and she's part of the group of folks in an absolute panic about an alleged "MAGA takeover" of the RTM.

    Voters in Greenwich should really understand what McMahon represents.

    For starters, she voted for ZuckBucks which undermined Greenwich election integrity.

    She mocks parents who have concerns about their children being indoctrinated in schools, and has agreed with State Rep. Stephen Meskers' assessment that concerned parents are "miserable" people who McMahon claims "terrorize" teachers.

    Source: X (formerly Twitter)

    She believes that homeless people are better off than children in Old Greenwich Elementary School.

    She says that the PTA doesn't engage in political activism, except when it does, McMahon says it's "100% okay".

    McMahon is one of those people who supports the current thing by putting flags and covid vaccine stickers in her profile pic and repeating lines like "we stand with Ukraine". You know the type.

    She falsely accused Greenwich Republicans of planting the groomer signs in front of Town Hall after the Pride flag raising, when in all likelihood it was a progressive stunt.

    Source: Facebook

    She voted against unmasking kids at school in December 2021.

    She hates when people blame mental illness on school shootings, so she blames the guns.

    She believes in Bidenomics.

    She calls Republicans names like "mental midgets" and "vacuous twits" and then mocks them for wanting cheap gas.

    Source: X (formerly Twitter)

    McMahon thinks that we need more Marxist critical race theory in law schools and for police training. She welcomed a course at Greenwich High School that included critical race theory concepts and promoted Black Lives Matter as if it's a good thing. (Though perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise in light of McMahon's use of a fact checking site that writes favorably about the Communist Party?)

    She accused Republicans of being election deniers but then suggested that democrats should "storm the ballot box like they stormed the Capitol" on J6. Is she talking about the Feds? Is she making a joke about Bridgeport ballot box stuffing? What does she mean?

    Source: X (formerly Twitter)

    Are you encouraging meddling in elections, Janet?

    Is that really what you stand for?

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