• What The Left Really Means When It Says Things Like "No Hate" And "Hate Has No Home Here"

    October 27, 2023
    Political signs in Greenwich, Connecticut.

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    You’ve probably already seen the signs in Greenwich that say, “No Hate - Vote Row A for Democrats”. Or the ones that say "Hate Has No Home Here".

    But do you know what it really means when they say “no hate”?

    James Lindsay summed it up nicely at a symposium last weekend:

    "When Mao Zedong and the CCP took over China and established the Communist Party as the ruling party in China... they separated the population into two broad categories, the people and the enemies of the people… Mao did what he did through identity politics though. If you agree with their politics, you're the thing. If you don't agree with their politics, you're not the thing  so when they say racist, transphobe, homophobe or whatever else  those words, those names they call you — that have silenced people, that have got people fired from their jobs, that have got people's kids in trouble at school — these words, all they mean is the same as what Mao meant:  enemies of the people."

    Lindsay explained that the people who are standing up or doing anything to push back against the progressive agenda, anything that, "hinders the trajectory of the revolution" even if by accident, are therefore guilty of “hate”.  Because they hate the revolution.

    So what’s the revolution?

    “The building of socialism, which they now call equity,” according to Lindsay.  

    So if you oppose socialism, then you are guilty of “hate”.  If you oppose “equity" programs rooted in critical race theory, you are guilty of “hate”.  If you oppose pornographic books in school libraries, you are guilty of hate.

    See how that works?

    P.S. You can watch the replay of Lindsay's comments here.

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    Every article you publish is always right on target! Thank you for shifting the narrative and giving people some truth to read!

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