• Greenwich Groomer Signs:  Shouldn't The Story Really Be About The Protection Of Children?

    Source: CT State Rep Steve Meskers Facebook page.

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    There comes a time when one must stand up and tell the truth--as Jack Nicholson so famously did in the movie A Few Good Men--especially for those who "can't handle the truth," (or are afraid to admit the truth to themselves and others).   

    Watching the recent eruption in the press and social media over the Groomer signs recently placed at Greenwich Town Hall's LGBTQ celebration is one of those times.

    I am old enough to remember NOT being taught about multiple sexual orientations at school and in the town square, and BEING taught the basics about our Constitution--including something about the First Amendment--the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble and protest against the government.  

    It seems to me the Groomer signs at the Greenwich event represented both of these constitutional golden rules that so well and immortally define our singular country.  

    Please consider:  children are in the public, and are exposed to public life, and anyone who would deliberately in this planned manner expose their young minds to the concept of sexual attraction--is de facto being inappropriate and abusive.  

    "Pride MONTH" has no legitimate place in our civic and public lives, where young children are unavoidably present.  (When you really think about it, groomers have co-opted the appealing rainbow to lure children into the discussion of sex, how can one deny it?)  It used to be inappropriate to discuss sex, along with money, politics, and religion, in polite conversation among adults, let alone children.  If we are truly on a quest for CIVILITY, let us go back to reserving sex-related topics for private adult conversations.  Let's not celebrate sex/sexual orientation for a month of our year and seek to draw children into the party in schools and in front of our town halls.  

    A whole month cannot be justified morally, and certainly not when we give ALL other meaningful things to humanity a mere calendar day or two:  mothers, fathers, veterans, laborers, the birthdays of our nations, and above all these, God.

    However you feel about the Groomer signs, maybe the choice is not conservative or progressive.  Maybe the choice is civility or incivility.  Maybe it is between the protection and the abuse of children.  Maybe the choice is the writing and reading of this editorial, and the publishing of it.  

    Submitted by P. Smith

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    Richard Gold

    Amen. You have to REALLY try hard to explain the infatuation with Disney, children’s shoes and clothes, cartoons, cereal and tv heroes. It’s bad enough to push this on the adult ball players but to make this big to-do in schools and around the kids is just creepy. It really adds credibility to the concept of overt grooming and introducing children to sexual topics and fostering tolerance of deviant acts.

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