• MONTANARO: There Is No Hate Among Greenwich Republicans

    Source: CT State Rep Steve Meskers Facebook page.

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    These Greenwich Republicans, as presently constituted, are men and women who work for the greater good; are worldly and dedicated to wholesome, common-sense beliefs. We pay attention and give respect to ALL who make up our Greenwich community.  Actual intolerance has no place in our group.

    To publicly accuse the Greenwich Republicans of participating in a "hateful" stunt is highly irresponsible. To do so without a shred of evidence is downright libelous, although not surprising. False accusations and deceitful rhetoric are commonplace in our political world. Today’s Common Sense Greenwich Republicans exist in large part as a counter to the cronyism of Democrats, bureaucrats, activists, and their media allies that comprise the “establishment” which advances these political hit jobs.  

    A seemingly calculated response, by all the usual naysayers, occurred in unison immediately last Monday morning. The morning after Town Hall’s Pride Celebration when signs were “discovered” on Town Hall’s lawn with the word “Groomers” written on them. This appears to be far less of a coincidence than it does a staged occurrence. We have ample documentation of disturbingly false public statements from James Waters, Dan Quigley, Stephen Meskers and others that appear designed to harm the reputation of Greenwich Republicans. These individuals have a sordid history of wild public social media rants, and should retract this week’s vitriolic diatribes. We are awaiting their apologies. Mr. Meskers, be advised; THESE Greenwich Republicans do not hate kids. Quite the contrary. In fact, we go to battle every day in the fight for their safety and well-being. 

    Source: Twitter
    Source: CT State Rep Steve Meskers Facebook page.

    To our vocal detractors in town: Please tell us which parental rights should be stripped away and denied from those parents who go against the newly “acceptable” norms in our education system? Are they not free to raise their children in a way they see fit? We believe rights are universal, and not bestowed only to the privileged minority.

    It does not matter which party you belong to. As you can see, there are registered Republicans who suffer from derangement syndrome when they hear “Greenwich Republicans.” What do they disagree with when it comes to our values and beliefs? To me it seems like baseless, misplaced anger.

    A vast segment of parents in our country strongly opposes teaching young grade schoolers about sex, sexual identity, and gender ideology. This does not make them a hate group or anti-gay. Normalizing sexuality in minors is condemned by many, including “Gays Against Groomers” and “Log Cabin Republicans.” Classifying certain words as “hate speech” is a silencing tactic, used by the small fringe group who believe young students should be subject to these curricula.

    It takes true courage to stand against the wave of the small, but well-funded and loud cabal. These Greenwich Republicans are made up of such courageous individuals, and we encourage those of you who agree even the slightest bit to join us. It is a worthy cause.

    Real hate exists. I have witnessed it. As a former Detective, I have investigated it. There is no hate within these Greenwich Republicans. The hate is all outside noise. Reclassifying a counterpoint as “hate” speech does not put you on moral high ground. That is a dangerous tactic used to end a discussion before it begins. It amounts to speech suppression. These tactics also do a complete disservice to those who experience true hate and discrimination. It marginalizes them further. We understand the regressive nature of these acts. Hopefully the public does as well.

    Rightfully, GPD is not investigating the sign placement since no crime was committed. Trust me, Greenwich Republicans are investigating. Interviews are underway.

    If you have any information on the perpetrators of this politically motivated act, please reach out to the Greenwich Republicans at [email protected].  Unlike some at the top of the CMS PTA Board, we do not retaliate against whistleblowers. More to come on that subject.  Be well everyone.

    Joe Montanaro
    Greenwich Republicans

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