• Greenwich Health Promotion Specialist Fear Mongering About Covid Again, Warns About "Disinformation" And "Misinformation"

    September 11, 2023

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    Here we go again with the official covid narrative brought to you by Greenwich Health Promotion Specialist Stephanie Paulmeno, the “doctor” of nursing who wants everyone to live in a perpetual state of fear over covid.

    She wants to you to be scared of covid again because 0.005% of the U.S. population allegedly tested positive for covid last week on tests that have not received full approval from the FDA.  Tests that are well-known to produce false positive results in periods of low disease prevalence.  

    According to the FDA, at 0.1% prevalence, 96 out of 100 positive results would be false positives:

    Source:  FDA

    But Paulmeno doesn’t want you to know these facts, that’s why she never includes them in her propaganda.

    Instead, fear the Pirola variant that will allegedly take a heavier toll on high risk individuals as well as those "who place less emphasis on their own self-protection”.   

    What exactly does she mean by those “who place less emphasis on their own self-protection?  Does she mean people who do not take vitamin D, zinc and quercetin—a combo that has been shown to keep people safe from covid?  

    As it turns out, vitamin D deficiency has been proven to be a key factor in severe covid and death. Why doesn’t a Health Department Specialist like Paulmeno know about the power of Vitamin D?  Is it because it’s a cheap supplement (~$5/month)? (Note that a Freedom of Information Act request was submitted on July 26, 2023, to obtain details about Paulmeno's compensation, as well as information about covid grants, incentives and other potential perks that may come as a result of promoting covid vaccines. Results responsive to the request have not yet been produced.)

    Paulmeno loses even more credibility for suggesting that wearing masks does anything at all.  Even the people at CNN know that masks don’t work!

    And social distancing?

    Stop insulting our intelligence!  Everyone already knows that social distancing was completely fabricated! 

    In fact, the six-foot rule was “probably the single costliest recommendation that [the] CDC made,” said former FDA commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb, because “the whole thing feels arbitrary and not science based,” and that lowers public confidence.  

    Dr. Birx even wrote a book in which she admitted arbitrarily making up the 6-foot guidance because she thought 10 feet would be too much.  She literally just picked 6 feet out of thin air!  

    But that doesn’t matter to Paulmeno, who feels it’s her job to keep propping up the rapidly failing covid narrative, and promoting covid vaccines that have already generated 1,589,970 reports of adverse events to CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), including 36,080 deaths.  That makes covid vaccines by far the deadliest vaccines ever administered in this country—no wonder she doesn’t want you looking at this terrifying data!

    Source:  OpenVAERS.com

    She also doesn’t seem to like how we bombard people with well-researched, carefully-sourced facts about covid vaccines that highlight the real risks, like myocarditis, blood clots and sudden death. Even Megyn Kelly recently admitted she regrets taking a covid shot, blaming it for her newly-diagnosed autoimmune condition.

    Paulmeno instead calls any facts that challenge her carefully-constructed covid propaganda “misinformation” and “disinformation”. She says that the CDC looked at the VAERS data in July and concluded that current evidence “does not support the existence of a (vaccine) safety issue”.  She wants you to blindly believe the CDC’s statement that covid vaccines are safe and effective, so don’t go looking at that VAERS data yourself!

    Unfortunately, it seems that the only people who are deliberately spreading misinformation and disinformation about covid and covid vaccines are people in perceived positions of power, like Paulmeno. Don’t we deserve a health specialist in Greenwich who is willing to tell us the whole truth?  Not just the CDC-endorsed, Big Pharma-sponsored version of the truth?

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