• Greenwich High School Sexual Education Sequence (9-12)

    August 29, 2022

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    Many of you asked what was included in the Sexual Education sequence in Greenwich High School.  Specifically, parents were curious how the concept of gender was handled in the curriculum.

    After 10 months of waiting for the results of our Freedom of Information (FOI) request, we received the attached PDF that outlines sex ed lessons by grade.  

    Ninth grade lessons cover male and female reproductive systems, media influences on sexual behavior, abstinence and values and behaviors.  Two ninth grade lessons offer resources on gender roles and gender identity and offer links to the following resources:

    Lesson 2: Sex, Gender Roles, and Sexual Orientation Resources:

    Sex vs. Gender vs. Orientation- Psych2go

    Demographic structure of society- sex, gender and sexual orientation- Khan Academy

    LGBTIQ Explained- Explainity

    Pronouns- Why Do They Matter?

    9th grade introduction to human sexuality and education

    9th grade Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation

    Lesson 3: Sex and Gender Identity Resources:

    Gender Revolution- Katie Couric

    What Gender Identity to Today's Teens- Sheknows

    Everyone is Awesome- Legos

    Tenth grade introduces HIV/AIDS lessons, and a note that you can opt your children out of these lessons.  Other lessons include sexually-transmitted diseases and healthy sexual decisions.  Eleventh grade lessons focus on violence and sexual assault prevention.  Parents can also opt out of 12th grade lessons, which focus on healthy versus unhealthy relationships, birth control and fetal development.

    We encourage you to review the attached PDF, and click on the links to the resources provided to students should you have any further questions.

    P.S.  The image included comes from the last presentation listed in Lesson 2: 9th grade Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation


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    Joan Russekl

    This is liberal idiocy. There are two genders. This craziness does nothing but make me pledge to NEVER EVER vote for a Democrat.


    Many of these same videos are shown in the 9th grade Wellness classes at Simsbury High School in Connecticut as well. I'd like to know who is vetting this information and determining it is factually correct. I'm not even sure where Psych2Go gets its information (there are no citations) but some of the articles on that site are extremely harmful for people looking for legitimate help. Go read some of the articles for yourself. I believe the curriculum is coming on recommendations from SHAPE America, The Society of Health and Physical Educators. Simsbury's entire Wellness curriculum is based on SHAPE America, which states on its own website that it "sets the national standards for physical education and best practices." When we lose our schools to these associations we lose local control and personal family values. These resources are actually harmful to our children.

    Amy Williams- Berlin, CT

    The entire American Educational system. sadly, is designed to destroy our children mentally, physically, and spiritually. Young, new teachers have been indoctrinated to truly believe they ate helping kids- parents, ‘now know better- wake up, and Homeschool!

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