• Greenwich PTA Getting Political, Pushing Emails Telling Parents To Vote For Dem's Preferred Slate

    November 4, 2023

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    Parents in the Riverside neighborhood of Greenwich were shocked to receive what is basically a political campaign email being forwarded by the PTA leaders, encouraging parents to vote for the Democrat's recommended slate of candidates in their local district.

    Screenshot of email.

    "I was disgusted to see my PTA acting like an arm of the Democrat party. Shame on them for turning what should be an organization to support children and teachers into a political activist group. It’s really disappointing that Democrat politics have infiltrated the PTA and the school system." said one mom who received the email.

    She lamented, "this isn't the first time I've seen the PTA get political either. Why do they have to inject politics into everything? Enough already!"

    She's not the only parent disappointed to see the Greenwich PTA turn into an activist organization.

    Another Greenwich parent complained that the PTA had been taken over by progressive activists who are injecting their personal political beliefs into what should be an apolitical organization.

    The parent said, "PTA members have become social justice warriors and they are unethically using the school directory to push personal political agendas that include a lot of radical ideas, like DEI, the same DEI that is teaching kids to "decenter whiteness" and support BLM and Hamas terrorists right now. What's worse is that the PTA won't support any of the parents who are concerned about parental rights and inappropriate books in school. And here I thought the PTA was supposed to support children, but every day I'm learning that the PTA is just another front organization for the Democrats."

    The parents we spoke with were disappointed to see yet another institution getting hijacked for political purposes.

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