• Vote Powell-St. Louis For Region 18 BOE, Lyme Residents ‘Deserve A Contest Of Ideas, Not A Barrage Of Deception’

    November 4, 2023
    Mary Powell-St. Louis,
    Source: LymeLine

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    Gavin wrote that these are facts:

    1. Mary Powell-St. Louis was one of the earliest and most prominent signers of the June petition asking the Old Lyme library to review the book, “Let’s Talk About It.”
    2. She attended the “Stop Book Bans” rally in Old Lyme in June, and was witnessed filming attendees of the rally in an effort to document their opposition to book bans.
    3. She later attended a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Lyme Public Library in solidarity with an Old Lyme resident who challenged the inclusion of “Let’s Talk About It” in the Lyme Public Library.

    The truth is that no one was an early or prominent signer. Each person was presented with material from the book “Let’s Talk About It” and asked if they would like to participate in asking the library to not spend our taxpayer money on children’s books that encourage illegal activities.

    There is no secret mission to ban books. We would all be remorseful if classical books were taken out of the Region 18 curriculum. Many of us in Old Lyme were upset when librarians praised banning Dr. Seuss books just a couple of years ago.

    I am the Old Lyme resident who attended the Lyme Public library Board of Directors meeting. I was alone and came to present information from an organization, Enough is Enough, that has been protecting children from internet harm for over 20 years. Mary Powell St. Louis had no knowledge of the material that I was presenting.

    The book “Let’s Talk About It” includes directions for children to upload naked pictures of themselves, to peruse porn sites and to chat with people in chat rooms. The majority of people agree that these are not the types of activities we are encouraging 12 or even 18 year olds to do in Lyme and Old Lyme.

    This entire “book banning” farce is a matter of protecting children from dangerous online activity and harm.

    Submitted by:

    Mona Colwell

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    Diane Rogers

    Yes, much deception from the Democrats. Why don't they have to answer to the voters why they think a book like this is appropriate to be in the children's section of the library? No one is talking about banning any books, just reasonable oversight and protection for the young and innocent in our Region 18 School system. If the Lyme Library wants to carry this book, let it be in the regular section where adults can take it out and share it with their child (if they choose to).

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