• Greenwich Republican Dr. Michael Goldstein Announces Run For Congress Against Jim Himes (CT-04)

    December 19, 2023

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    Today, Republican Dr. Michael Goldstein, a physician and attorney from Greenwich, CT, announced his campaign to flip Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District red on his website. Goldstein ran in 2022 as an unknown, and was the first candidate by petition to make it to the Republican primary in over 50 years, thanks to a strong grassroots campaign.

    “I ran in 2022 as an unknown and received 40 percent of the vote at the primary from my supporters. Almost all of them did not know who I was just weeks before the election. We worked hard, had fun and made a difference. Since then, I have stayed active in the political arena and was elected to serve on my local Representative Town Meeting and have stayed close with my supporters and my grassroots campaign team,” said Goldstein.

    He continued, “I became a physician to help my patients and I ran last term to be a public servant to make an impact to healthcare, our economy, and to protect parental and individual rights. The events of October 7th and the rise in antisemitism has further fueled my desire to run for Congress and challenge the hatred that exists within our country. I am a proud Jew and a strong supporter of the state of Israel. Antisemitism is a cancer in our society that attacks our Constitutional right of religious freedom. The perpetrators of hate speech that ends in violence must be prosecuted.”

    Goldstein had strong support from his hometown in Greenwich and several other communities, including Bridgeport, Easton and Oxford, during his 2022 run.

    Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District encompasses the Fairfield County communities of Bridgeport, Darien, Easton, Fairfield, Greenwich, Monroe, New Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Ridgefield, Shelton (part), Stamford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, and Wilton and the New Haven County community of Oxford.

    About Dr. Michael Goldstein

    Dr. Michael Goldstein is running for Congress because our country is under attack from internal threats to our democracy that utilize tactics to divide our nation rather than unify it. America has experienced attacks on medical freedom, individual freedom, and parental rights, while at the same time, Americans are censored through cancel culture. These recent structural challenges to our nation with open borders and dependence on foreign oil and foreign manufacturing has crippled our economy and eroded our middle class. Weakness in dealing with foreign adversaries has emboldened them and has made the world a more dangerous place. This must be reversed, according to Goldstein.

    Goldstein has been a Board-Certified physician for more than four decades, became an attorney, and was elected to the Greenwich RTM, the town's legislative body, earlier this fall.

    During the days of Covid, Goldstein was denied a medical exemption despite having medical advice against taking the covid vaccine due to a medical condition that significantly increased the risks of vaccine-related complications. This denial by the hospitals and the revocation of his privileges motivated him to run for Congress in 2022.

    Goldstein became the first petition candidate for the Republican Primary in over 50 years. He was a complete unknown and earned 40% of the vote in the primary thanks to considerable grassroots support. While he did not win the Republican primary, obtaining 40 percent of the popular vote through grassroots supporters has fueled his decision to run. Goldstein’s life of service as a physician has evolved in his desire to run again for Congress to save the 4th District of Connecticut and enhance the lives of his constituents by restoring justice, freedom and accountability back to Washington in the name of freedom.

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