• More Than A Hundred Teachers Join Rally, Stamford Education Association Says "Six Is Not The Fix"

    December 19, 2023
    "Six Is Not The Fix" refers to the six-block teaching proposal.

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    Around 150-200 Stamford teachers joined forces at rallies this morning, dressed in red as they marched on the sidewalks and through the parking lots at three different Stamford schools.

    Teachers arrived as early as 6:30am with posters in hand, passing out bright red stickers with slogans like "Six Is Not The Fix" and "Support Our Students And Teachers" and a number 6 crossed out.

    Music blasted across the campuses at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering (AITE), Stamford High School (SHS) and Westhill High School (WHS).

    The crowd of teachers at Westhill moved to the sidewalk, and into school lobby at 7am. But teachers plan on repeating the picketing after school today.

    The President of the Connecticut Education Association teacher's union attended the rallies, and indicated they will start 'working to contract' in January.

    Teachers have had enough.

    They are frustrated over unfunded mandates, poorly vetted new initiatives, bad policies and regulations, system failures and more. They are standing in solidarity to support students and their roles as teachers in an environment that is growingly increasingly toxic.

    A parent who attended the rally said, "Westhill teachers united to picket executive order policy changes. Bravo teachers! Now it’s time for parents to support the teachers. It's time to let the BOE and Central Office know they are not rulers!"

    Stamford BOE member Dr. Rebecca Hamman, an experienced Connecticut teacher and administrator, attended the rally this morning.  She responded to the parent, "Thank you, Paul, for your support. Teachers are frustrated and are standing in solidarity to support students and their roles as teachers."

    "The Stamford BOE needs to consist of parents and educators.  Right now career BOE politicians are making decisions that are about efficiency, not instruction.  They would rather sacrifice a teacher over poor leadership decisions and unfunded mandates put into law by our Connecticut legislators.  Connecticut, unlike New York, does not support its students and schools…. history speaks for itself," continued Hamman who just penned a fiery op-ed on the issues.

    Hamman, who's been consistently bullied by her BOE colleagues, said that Connecticut's city school districts cannot continue to support education when millions now have to go to migrant immigration, ESSR fiscal cliff supports, and national teacher shortages.

    "Legislators wake up!  Parents wake up!  Teachers are standing up for your kids and need your support!!!" exclaimed Hamman.

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    Victor Anderson

    G0BDEM, what does "6 is not the fix" MEAN ? Ewer staff reporting sucks !


    It says... "Six Is Not The Fix" refers to the six-block teaching proposal... under the photo.

    Central office leaders are now proposing that teachers teach six blocks over two days, rather than five.

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