• Greenwich RTC Candidate Leverages Democrat Strategy To Attack Her Fellow Republicans

    February 29, 2024

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    Lisa Becker Edmundson, a candidate for the Greenwich Republican Town Committee (RTC) caught people by surprise when she was door-knocking in Cos Cob, and not in a good way, either.

    Becker Edmundson, a registered Republican, is apparently campaigning against parental rights.

    "We have to stop the book banners," Becker Edmundson told a rather stunned Republican she door-knocked yesterday. Stunned because this particular Republican was all too familiar with the kinds of books that have been found in Greenwich libraries over the last three years. And stunned because the whole "book banner" narrative was actually fabricated by Democrats, and Becker Edmundson is supposed to be a Republican.

    Of course, no one wants to ban books, which would involve stopping the production and sale of certain titles altogether. That's just not happening and literally nobody is calling for that.

    But that's not stopping Becker Edmundson from latching onto the false book ban narrative to try to create division inside the Republican party, a rather despicable thing to do to her own party.

    The Greenwich Republicans whom Becker Edmundson refers to as "book banners" don't want to ban books, either. They have been very explicit about wanting to ensure that books are age-appropriate, and often reference a book rating scale similar to the movie rating scale to indicate age-appropriateness for titles.

    This position is very much consistent with comments made by Greenwich First Selectman Fred Camillo after the book Gender Queer was found in the young adult graphic novel section at the Greenwich Library in 2022.

    “I personally found this book to be disgusting," Camillo said at the time.

    “I’m not for banning books. I think that’s wrong. But, in my personal opinion, ‘Gender Queer’ should not be in the young adult graphic novel section at the Greenwich Library,” he said.

    “We all believe in free speech and we all want people exposed to different ideas, but obviously there is an age-appropriateness level that has to be taken into account,” Camillo said. He felt that some of the book’s illustrations were inappropriate for 12-year-olds, as do many other Greenwich Republicans, including ones door-knocked by Becker Edmundson.

    Screenshots of Gender Queer

    “As adults we protect children from things like alcohol and tobacco,” Camillo said, emphasizing that parents have to ensure children do not get overwhelmed by materials they are not yet ready to process.

    “That’s why you always have age-appropriate guidance numbers,” he added.

    A similar conclusion about the necessity for ensuring age-appropriateness of books was reached at the November 2023 League Of Women Voters talk on restricting books in schools. Most meeting participants wholeheartedly agreed that content must be age-appropriate, and that books rated for adults should not be provided to children.

    That's why Becker Edmundson's comments about "stopping book banners" were so surprising.

    Most Republicans, including Camillo, already agree that it's important to protect children by ensuring content is age-appropriate.

    But Becker Edmundson doesn't seem to have a problem breaking from the majority of Republicans on typically conservative issues like this.

    She's done it before.

    Like when she voted in favor of accepting ZuckBucks in her role as an elected member of the town's legislative body, the RTM.

    When people show you who they are, you should believe them.

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    RINO Hunter

    Democrats use the term "book banners" not Republicans.

    Not a single real Republican, especially one who has taken the time to look inside those pornographic books, would ever be caught dead saying something so absurd.

    Disgusting to see this woman promote Democrat Lies and then have the audacity to call herself a Republican!

    She is symbolic of the problems in the Republican party today -- she's not a Republican!


    Woke Dems are the ones who ban books.Talking about books like Little House, to Kill a Mockingbird,Dr. Seuss. In the classroom they favor woke garbage over Western and American Classics.

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